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Have you SEEN my drawer of inappropriate starches?

Long days are long and exhausting, but the week is almost over so, yay?

I've only been kinda watching Heroes, but I get the jist of what's happening. But I have to say Bryan Fuller's brutal honesty regarding how the show previously had been to what is going to become of the future is ridiculously awesome. Because it's true. I would hope Kring would admit to this, but coming from Byran Fuller is kinda better.

I did catch Medium Monday and holy crap, not only was it a "to be continued" episode but there was MORENA BACCARIN and JAMES VAN DER BEEK? Playing brother and sister only together in that way without really being brother and sister? Nicely twisted. Also, people have to realize that James is so totally not Dawson anymore. He plays creepy very well, like when he was in Criminal Minds. Fucking scary.

I've realized that if were to ever go to a convention, especially for SPN, that's nearby I need to get notification about it beforehand. Like WAYYY prior to the approaching date because it'll most likely be sold out by the time I get wind of where and when and who's coming. Of course the incidents where you are going to see a particular actor and the inconvenience of them canceling at the last minute, traveling the distance and then everything else in between. Yeah. I'm impressed with people who do go despite those complications. I'm merely in the thinking stages if going to a convention were a possibility, because I really do kinda want to but there are those cons as well as pros. So, I dunno.

And yes, this is primarily because I want to see and be dazzled by Misha in person. I AM SHALLOW OKIES, SUE ME.
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