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Shoulder to the wheel bb, shoulder to the wheel.

++ It appears that FOX is to cancel TSCC, which with the disappointment wasn't too surprising given the ratings. There are ways to have fans fight against it but it seems the decision has been made indefinitely. I mean surely I'm saddened because there are plenty of directions to go and questions left unanswered, though the finale did that have completion to the season that most series don't have when they're canceled. It's open for more possibilities if they choose to, say, make a televised movie or a straight-to-DVD expansion of it. It'll be missed that's for sure, but I'm glad they were able to wrap it up but still leave room for more to be told, as the Terminator mythology will always live on regardless.

There's also some uncertainty regarding Dollhouse and its fate, though Joss still remains hopeful despite it being in "limbo" at the moment. All I can say is, if FOX cancels Dollhouse alongside TSCC I will be majorly pissed. Sacrifice one to save the other, but to sacrifice both? Hell no.

++ I'm becoming very tempted in making a little Blair/Castiel thingie mainly because from the poll competition meme that has been going on. They're both my favorite characters and I love them and they're fierce like whoa, so why not have them duke it out with their fierceness? I can totes see Blair warming up to him and teaching him how to be all schemey without getting into trouble with his superiors. Much. ALTHOUGH SIX/CASTIEL IS STILL MY CRACKY OTP, AS THEY ARE PERFECTLY FIERCE TOGETHER AND ARE MEANT TO BE (BESIDES DEAN/CASTIEL), F'REALS.

++ Seeing it being advertised around lately, I've been thinking about getting a Dreamwidth account. It sounds kinda awesome given what I've read and researched about it. It's like LJ, but a bit more secure and friendlier as I've been told. So, idk. It looks nice, so strongly considering it.

++ PSA: Le sigh, wank and drama concerning fandom is just utterly ridiculous. For future reference, when approaching a debate and you have nothing valid of an argument to back up your opinion in rebuttal to a reasonably explained response, is not what a healthy and civil debate makes. Particularly when a rebuttal is merely saying "fuck your opinion". Look, personal preferences and perceptions are fine, but attacking one thing when claiming fandom is attacking something else for the same reasons isn't making you look better, either. Double standards, it happens on both sides of the equation here, not just one. It's okay to be opinionated and passionate about your opinion but for the sake of creating a drama we can just agree to disagree on it and let it go.

And that's the end of that.
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