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End of the week -- thank goodness

Boy, this week suddenly went by so fast, but ironically enough it was emotionally draining and overworked on my part. Having several reports turned in, credits updated, and graduation credits all screwed up on the schedule. Yep, hasty week of an overworked gal. Though I'm not complaining entirely, because I got a lot of work done that I never thought could've been accomplished. Working under pressure doesn't suit me, and this is why procrastinating is something I'm trying to get away from, especially with all this schoolwork overload I have currently.

I've been watching Minority Report during these last two days in my technology class. The futuristic look at technology and the possibility it might hold in our future; also, since taking Film History, I've learned to noticeably analyze films as I'm watching them. Not that I haven't done that before, but I've always interpreted films and movies afterwards instead of during. In Minority Report, despite the millions of groans of people saying that it's not realistic enough or it's too farfetched, in hindsight it might not be too far from the truth. Our technology is being adapted and reprogrammed everyday -- years ago the tape deck was a popular thing to have, then came the CD Player, and now the MP3 Player. All within a few years these things have conspired; our technology is increasing in numbers and growing immensely, no matter how farfetched this futuristic film may seem, think outside the box -- it's a major possibility, especially in our society where everyone is merely obsessed and dependent on the mass media.

The film may seem too futuristically unreal to some, however the hidden messages tell the realistic tales of our society. The government and policemen in the film abuse their powers to protect the people -- the violation of Civil Rights and the Fourth Amendment are clearly there. See, although this is for technology class and we're looking at our modernized technology today and the futuristic look at technology for tomorrow, it's also a learning experience about our economy and government at the same time. Analyzing films may be too difficult for some to comprehend, because hey a movie is just a visual experience, right? In some cases, yes. However, I feel that sometimes viewing movies can be an intellectual experience as well; exercising and challenging your knowledge from the plot or subplots in the storylines of the movie.

This is why, aside from its magical appeal and attraction, I enjoy the Harry Potter films just as I do with reading the books. I'm not nitpicking every little thing that doesn't show up in the movie, I'm not complaining about certain actors/actresses chosen to be certain characters; I am looking at the film as a visual aspect of the books from a different point of view and perception. Especially in Prisoner of Azkaban, JKR had mentioned she'd seen some things that happened in the film that prepare us for what might happen in the last two books in the series. The analyzing and interpreting of PoA lead to many theories and speculated discoveries of things I have predicted are the clues to what incidents might occur during the 6th and 7th addition of the series.

Right now, I am in full geeker joy because interpreting films is a fascinating subject for me -- and my sister, mother and I do it all the time while watching Law & Order and CSI. Solving the cases before the detectives and criminalists do, it's fun!

Weekend is coming up, which means longer sleeping hours. From the lack of sleep I've been getting, it'll be nice to not be either partially awake for classes or cranky in the early morning. I do, however, get a chance to take naps once I arrive home -- but lately I've been putting that off. Yes, that's bad I know, but I'm making up from that because of this weekend, for peaceful dreaming paradise. Man, I definitely need to get back on my schedule.

Lesson Learned Today: Never drink anything liquid, including chocolate milk, water, apple juice, or any type of beverage while watching Whose Line Is It Anyway?. If consumed, expect the unexpected, but predicted, incidents of stained or liquid-spillage on furniture/carpet/table etc.
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