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The grass is always greener.

++ Wank is funny, except sometimes when it's not. However, the recent Heroes wank is made of lulz and headdesking combined, which does include some spoilers about something that's going to happen near the finale. Oh Heroes fandom, you slay me. You really do. As for the "shocking twist" it's either going to be what I think it is which is a red-herring, or actually be just what everyone thinks it is. I'm kind of going back and forth with this show anyway, practically reading up on spoilers since I'm not watching. So, heh. Either way, will be grabbing the popcorn and sitting back for this, fo'sure.

++ Brand new full-length Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. O_O This is probably going to be the best one yet.

++ Due to Bear McCreary's genius I am, in my spare time, learning how to play certain pieces of his scores. Particularly the "Final Five Theme" that has become my favorite piece at the moment. There's no sheet music as of yet, so I have to relay on my own devices to try and mimick the notes to the best of my ability. I haven't played the piano before, but I do know how to read music, even though it's been some time since I've done so. Needless to say I've found a new hobby, whee!

If anyone wants to know, I've been watching/listening to this guy's tutorial for inspiration of how to play the theme. He's incredible, and explains and shows it well.

++ How is it that people have already got their hands on Caprica? Was it with the pre-ordered special or downloading? *is confused* OH! AND BSG WAS ON THE NEW CSI! Well, technically in a sense, it was an homage to the reimagining of a classic cheesy scifi show that everyone hates the idea of. Anyway, there were cameos by some of the BSG cast, including RONALD D. MOORE HIMSELF! Don't believe me? I provides teh proofs. *brb loling at the awesome*
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