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White House stationary, Misha Collins has it y'all.

++ Okay, can these boys be anymore frakking adorable together? Seriously, this entire Jared/Misha/Jensen interaction and chemistry, they just mesh so well with each other it's making my fangirl heart swell. I also love Misha and how he just fits right into Jared and Jensen's little circle, becoming bffs with their goofiness and making jokes and giggling like little fanboys on crack. Honestly I don't do RPS as I don't find it appealing tbh, but with the AHBL con and these recent interviews with them together....I swear it's becoming very tempting. And it's all Misha's fault for actively endorsing it, so blame him. *g*

++ Just realized that tomorrow is a new SPN episode, omghiatusisoveryay! Bad news though, I think it'll be clashing with Harper's Island, right? Hmmm, the boys or Katie Cassidy and Jim Beaver? Whatever shall I do....

++ Also new Dollhouse this Friday. Don't forget.

++ Picked up Caprica today, despite having it already downloaded it and that it'll be on the BSG 4.5 DVDs, but I couldn't resist. I have a hankering for hoarding stuff like this. So having already watched, and rewatched, the pilot I'm working on a review/meta write-up because I definitely find it intriguing and am looking to see where it goes when the series premieres next year. Thinky-thoughts coming your way, for sure.

On top of that, as advertised within the DVD itself coinciding with the Caprican high technology of the Holoband, I totes want this nifty little device. WANT I TELL YOU, WANT.
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