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"I'm the grammar technician"

++ Watched Dollhouse last night, enjoyed it a whole lot, will make a review later. But I do have one thing to say which technically is non-spoilery: I wanna play lazer tag with Sierra and Topher! That is all. ♥

++ As much as I liked Thursday's episode of SPN I was slightly distracted because I'm waiting for 4.20, in which we are treated with the US promo, SPACE promo which are always the bestest ones tbh, and topping all that off is an adorable spoilery sneak peek clip. WHY DO THEY TEASE US SO?! WHY I ASK WHY?! Although I haven't been completely deprived of my angel since from the Aussie con and interviews and such I've been getting my Misha fix, so it's all good. Still, seeing what's to come next week is killing me, because I want it now dammit. Epic yes, this episode will be.

++ Yet another Jensen/Misha/Jared interview. ♥ ♥ ♥

++ Meet the cast of Caprica interview, some general info background about the actors and the characters they play, not entirely spoilerish I don't think. Also if you go to 2:50....UNEXPECTED TRICIA HELFER IS UNEXPECTED! Gorgeous at that too, hehe.

++ In a bit more serious news, the potential threat of a new flu pandemic is slightly disconcerting. I'm not really a hypochondriac but still, epidemics and pandemics are something that I tend to worry about because we have this notion that nothing bad is ever going to happen to us, but we aren't invincible, and some people's immune systems are weaker than others and especially now since many are fighting allergy season it can get pretty scary thinking about how many have been infected and died thus far. So, idk, perhaps it's not something to be terribly worried about as of yet but I'll be keeping my eye on what's happening.
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