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Looking in a mirror, what do you see?

Things have been very cluttered at the moment regarding RL, particularly on the school front. Most will know my situation with graduation nearing and my starting a job for externship, it's all happening pretty quickly so I'm trying to keep myself from bouncing off the walls and being completely exhausted. Although with what I'm doing I have to keep my energy up because I might just be working six hours straight with no breaks, so yeah. But everything else has been going awesome and I'm just counting down the days until actual graduation and what my future holds.

Okay, wank can be entertaining but this is borderlining ridiculous. Seriously, what the frak is up with the SPN fandom these days? If it's not one thing it's something else, and really it's from the same group of fancrazies who come up with such batshittery. It's actually sad people think this way, or that Misha/Castiel's appearance on the show is ruining the Sam/Dean relationship. Srsly folks, srsly? If you wonder why Kripke loves making fun of fandom, this is the reason why, and I support this reason because fandom is just too crazy to not be mocked.

In any case, I'm totes for J2M now. Because threesomes solve everyone's problems. Fo'reals.

Also, there's some spoilers regarding the finale of SPN S4, which there are some people that have interesting reactions to, however, do not spoil me for the ending of the season plz, or else suffer my wrath. I don't know what people are reacting to, and I don't wanna know (even though I have a pretty good idea only based on theories I've had since even before this season started).

I'm also loling from the Heroes finale. Didn't watch it, but read spoilers about it and quite frankly....people were surprised that happened, really? Because it's been foreshadowed since like the first season, and even if I haven't been impressed with how the show has handled certain things at least they were consistent with that part. So, idk. Oh, and it's sad about Greg Beeman. He'll most definitely be missed from the show.
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