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SPN: "The Rapture" Episode Review + Meta

I am still trying to contain myself from last night's episode, but here be some review/meta. Beware though, long meta is long and probably doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense considering I'm writing this incredibly quick with all my jumbled thoughts. If it turns out I wrote coherently I am to shock myself because, um, holy crap?

Supernatural 4.20 "The Rapture"

Castiel visits Dean in a dream suggesting that they talk someplace private, someplace where nobody can overhear them despite being inside of Dean's mind. Giving Dean a location, he wakes up and he and Sam go searching for Castiel. Instead they find the human vessel, Jimmy, who awakens comfirming that Castiel is gone. Slightly sketchy about what happened in between the time he was possessed and when he awakened, all Jimmy wants is to return back home to his family, wanting nothing to do with such a higher purpose anymore, thinking that once Castiel left his faithful duty was done. The boys don't think it's a good idea, but Jimmy flees anyway from underneath their noses. He returns to his home, with various flashbacks to how the process of him getting chosen by Heaven and Castiel for such a higher purpose was done, trying to make amends and getting back to a normal life. However he finds this isn't possible when demons threaten his family, but they are rescued by Sam and Dean just in the nick of time.

This proposes a difficult position for Jimmy, who is told straight out that as long as he's with his family he's placing them in danger. He must leave them and never look back. Of course, this also causes difficulty because his wife is possessed by a demon and wants Jimmy and the little girl. Surprising reveals happen near the end, as Castiel suddenly appears, taking the vessel of the daughter in a surprise!attack, and then transfers back into Jimmy upon his dying request. Castiel then returns to how he appeared to Dean before, both within the vessel and with his so-called restored attitude from being forced back into Heaven by his superiors.

Meanwhile Dean witnessed Sam's downward spiral as he'd fed off of another demon's blood, and in the end instead of fighting or arguing with his brother he'd contacted Bobby privately and when going to his house -- where Dean and Bobby lock Sam inside the panic room, to detox him from the demon blood addiction.

The Vessel and the Angel of the Lord

For me, anything involving Misha/Castiel is worthwile on Supernatural, and this episode, giving us backstory about Castiel's human vessel and how he came to be chosen, him finding his way, and after everything we get a heartbreaking ending to him, his family, and even Castiel once he returns. It definitely satisfied me for what I had wanted from this episode. And then some. So let's break it down from what occurred in this episode, shall we?

From beginning to end I was engaged, and even though knowing that the vessel would be alright since Castiel is going to be around for some time I was still worried for his sake. After everything he'd gone through his family was still suffering, and nothing could be done about it. It makes for an interesting look at how these special people were chosen, or what even makes them special in the first place. It was said that it's "in his blood" so it must be somewhere down the line, hence why Castiel was about to possess the daughter so easily (taken from the deleted scene from 4.01 where he tells Dean that it's difficult to find a human vessel durable enough for his being). She shared his bloodline therefore if Jimmy died he would've just taken over from here, but Jimmy didn't want that burden placed onto his own daughter. So he sacrificed himself to be used once again for such a higher purpose.

I felt for Jimmy throughout the episode, it was different because I kept expecting to see glimpses of Castiel but there was none. This was an entirely different person, this was the human being that Castiel had been possessing, who had a family and a life of his own before all this happened. All he wanted was to return to that life. But in the Supernatural universe, once being chosen as someone special a normal life is out of the question. It is fate, it is destiny, there is no changing that. Because of this his family was being torn apart even before Castiel had appeared. His wife thought something was mentally wrong with him, with him talking about angels appearing to him and about Castiel, his Heavenly purpose by God, she thought he was going crazy. It was destroying their marriage and he needed some guidance, and believed in this higher purpose he was chosen for because of how strong his faith was.

So throughout the episode we see the human emotions pouring out from him, his sadness and happiness, even rage, his need to fit back into that normalcy despite everything. Very different from Castiel, even though Castiel had started to show signs of emotions. Which apparently, being dragged off by his superiors back into Heaven has changed that....

"I serve Heaven. I don't serve Man...and certainly not you."

This was probably the most heartbreaking thing to hear throughout the entire episode. Once Castiel returns back into the vessel as he once was, restoring everything, he tells Dean this because of what happened between him and his Heavenly superiors. Being dragged back to Heaven they obviously punished him, broke him down and set him straight for him straying off course of Heaven's orders. His emotional attachment to Dean, his willingness to help bend the rules and interfering with Divine Will, considering treading dangerously on the line of disobedience. Now they could've just allowed him to Fall, but it's not that simple. Falling would mean having strong intentions of going against Heaven or God, Castiel has strong faith in their Father and we know this. He just has been straying from Heaven's orders which he believes are slightly tainted, thinking they are not coming from God. But this is threatening his obedience to these Heavenly orders so they needed to take action before he did something out of bounds, leading to changing his perspective.

Which I don't think he's changed, not entirely. Just treading carefully for the time being because of the threats they probably made of him either falling or doing something to the Winchesters, Dean especially.

It's an interesting way of contemplating the angelical ways because we want Castiel to feel, we want him to have a personal connection with Dean and with humans. And it is my personal belief that Castiel's true mission from God, which is by helping Dean he's becoming more aware of humanity on a level that the angels haven't understood before, and this frightens them to what doorways this could lead to thus them dragging Castiel back to Heaven to teach him a lesson before sending him back, renewed from his experiences. Kinda like intervention with Cylons who had personal experiences with humans which threatened the entire Cylon plan of destroying humanity in the first place, or else they'd box them (oh yes, moar bsg references and parallels, was there any doubt?)

On the other hand of course, angels are messengers from God; they are soldiers, warriors, they were created to be servants to God's Will, not the mankind's. They are to give messages to and from Heaven and Earth, but to not intervene with a Divine Purpose or Will of any sort. This again, places the morality into the situation, because we do want that connection and yet there's the natural order of things, unless everyone has a role to play and this is precisely God's Plan all along.

Either way, we know that Castiel still feels and cannot, nor will not, shake those emotional feelings he's just started to experience. He's just been given the reality check that if he wants to stay close with Dean he needs to do so underneath the radar. He knew that Heaven would be coming for him and that is why he appeared to Dean in the dream, giving him instructions and that they needed to talk privately (although if he knew what was to be done, why say in private? Where else private could they go to?) Whether or not returning to Heaven changed him I still believe that Castiel hasn't let go of his attachment and liking for Dean. But it's interesting that he says "I serve Heaven" which is different when he told Uriel that he "still served God". I don't know if those are interchangeable, because you can still believe in God and just not the orders coming from Heaven, which Castiel had started to doubt those orders because he couldn't believe they were coming from the Lord. So, idk.

Getting all meta-heated in here regarding this, it's still heartbreaking because after all that Castiel has been learning, trusting in Dean, confiding in him, it seemed in that last moment when he returned that it had been stripped away. By Heaven and their fears. This makes me wonder more about Heaven and how they operate, we've heard partial things about superiors but there seems to be splitting of sides, what is freewill and what isn't, what is fate for angels and what is not. How are these things determined? Is God testing them, their faith just like with the humans? These are fascinating subjects to explore and dabble into, because I am intrigued with how all this works into the mythology.

With only two episodes left, I'm hoping we'll see how this'll affect the relationship between Castiel and Dean. Though judging from the "SOON" preview it seems nothing has been too jarred, not entirely. Also what these missions and pathways for these characters mean and how it'll play out in the bigger picture.

Sam Winchester: Demon Blood Junkie

Finally Dean sees what Sam's been doing with the demon blood drinking, and so does Castiel. It's been a long time coming, at least from discovering what he's been doing with the demon blood to boost up his powers. Dean, exhausted, defeated and at loss to what to do anymore, calls Bobby to help him deal with Sam's addiction problem. Because despite what Sam is saying about using his demon powers for the greater good, he's failing to see how this is slowly destroying him. He needs this intervention, which we'll be getting in the next episode.

Sam being completely dependent on Ruby and her supply of demon blood is saying something about Sam, that even though knowing that it's wrong he just cannot stop. He thinks he needs it, that it's his only way of getting stronger, of defeating Lilith and perhaps stopping the Apocalypse. But he's wrong.

I know that there's going to be a rift between Dean and Sam, a confrontation is going to happen and that is inevitable of how it's been building up this entire season. The next episode is going to focus around that, and the finale is definitely going to take that into account as well.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ MISHA MOTHERFUCKING COLLINS BITCHES! This is for anyone that says he cannot act (which why anyone would say that, idek), this is for us Castiel-fans who absolutely love seeing anything involved with him, the angel or the vessel, and the development of both these characters even if it's heartbreaking towards the end. THIS EPISODE WAS MADE OF SO MUCH WIN I CAN BARELY STAND IT!

++ The dream. Dean fishing, all peaceful and serene. Castiel appearing beside him, looking out towards the lake. THAT ENTIRE SCENE WITH DEAN/CASTIEL AND CASTIEL'S EXPRESSION THE SCENARY AND JUST, GUH! LOVELOVELOVE.

++ Dean and Sam looking for Castiel, excuse me while I squee.

++ JIMMY!!!! ♥ I found him incredibly adorable, and I felt for him because all he wanted was his normal life back, but that was near impossible with what they're dealing with. Nevertheless, just seeing his personality and how human he is. We've seen Castiel and how he gradually is coming into the notions of feelings and emotions, but seeing the vessel as he was is just a nice change of pace, and I LOVED how Misha portrayed him. The differences where he played Castiel to playing Jimmy, from the changes in posture to facial expressions and how he composes himself, his speech, everything. Brilliance. Perfection. LOVELOVELOVE.

++ And really, who doesn't want to pet Jimmy while watching this episode? Fo'reals now.


++ We got whump!Castiel, and then whump!Jimmy. I have this kink for whummage, idek why.

++ LOL I love that Jimmy was eating like crazy because we now know that when Castiel inhabits the body he heals and keeps it alive and safe, but not in the natural nourishment that humans need, as some has speculated through fics (Kripke you've been reading fanfic again haven't you?) I loved Sam and Dean's expressions, especially Dean's because I just imagine him thinking "there's someone that eats more than me" XDD

++ I loved the scene with Jimmy on the bus, the reflection and just him sitting next to the window, remembering. ♥ It's those little filming moments that you have to appreciate.

++ HEE, JIMMY COOKS Y'ALL! That scene with him and cutting up vegetables, and of course the dinner table scenes. It actually kinda makes my heart flutter, because I loves me some mens that can cook. Yepyep. And knowing Misha I'm pretty sure he can cook lavish meals like that, srsly. ;)

++ Him with his daugher = ♥ Again, there's something about men and little kids that makes me melt.

++ Jimmy yelling at Castiel, wanting answers, wanting to know why he left and why he didn't keep his promise about his family being safe and all of that. And then him muttering "typical" underneath his breath. There is something about this development, from before he prayed at the dinner table, and then coming back he didn't even say "Grace" like he would've before. And then him yelling at Castiel. It's not that he's lost his faith, it's that his disappointment in everything that's happened, all he wanted was to be set free from all that's happened.

++ I gasped when Jimmy was shot. I admit it. I also was shocked by the little girl being possessed by Castiel, and then their interaction before Castiel finally took hold of Jimmy's vessel again.

....So, does this mean that Jimmy is dead? I didn't catch whether he'll suffer while underneath Castiel's care, or that he'll still be alive but he won't have his family again ever or that he's been sent to Heaven as Castiel takes hold of that body. I would make sense that Jimmy's soul had been cast out so Castiel could inhabit the body, but I'm not sure. Either way, I consider Jimmy a hero for doing the noble thing, for protecting his family and sacrificing himself.

++ Dean finding out about Sam's demon blood drinking addiction, and of course Sam having that craving that he just couldn't hold it in any longer. Oh Sammy. How low you've sunken.

++ THAT LAST LINE OF CASTIEL'S TO DEAN!!! D: It's so sad, I actually was like "NOOOO!! CASTIEL DON'T SAY THAT! YOU DON'T MEAN IT!" Part of me thinks he's faking it, that he's only doing it so his superiors don't catch on and punish him severely, but there's this lingering fear that however long in Heaven Castiel remained (assuming that time in Heaven goes by differently like Hell does) they instilled him with punishment which made him learn his lesson from ever straying from his orders again. Thus having him become indifferent to Dean Winchester once again from how we saw him in the beginning of the season. Which of course I doubt that's the case, because of his experience with Dean and all that -- but I'm guessing he finally understands the reality that he either does what Heaven requests or he Falls, or worse. Needless to say, I was all ;____; during that scene. Just, Castiel's deadpan face (though his eyes had something behind them, like he didn't want to say those words and yet he had to) and then Dean's expression. Just. Gah. SHOW. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! BREAK MY HEART IN A THOUSAND DIFFERENT PLACES. JUST OMGWOE.

It adds to the Dean/Castiel angsty relationship that's for sure. We have them wanting to trust one another but get repeatedly torn apart from that bond once they start getting close. But hey, this makes for another obstacle where they will become stronger together with their decisions.

++ Sam Winchester. Panic room. Damn, harshness but for his own good.

++ Because I love paralleling, I do think this episode was equivalent to TSCC's "Allison From Palmdale" episode, where we meet the human counterpart for the humanoid version of Cameron. Heh. Also! Once Castiel had inhabited Jimmy for the first time, it was definitely a "whoa, human body, interesting" experience. Much like how a Terminator would feel, or a Cylon skinjob when first meeting a human (esp. the cute head tilt when seeing the daughter which, lol I loved that part! XDDD)


Overall: Can I just say that this was awesomely epic and made of win? Because it was, through-and-through. From the backstory to the angst, I loved it. Of course being Castiel/Misha-centric I knew I was to enjoy this episode and it didn't disappoint. Misha never disappoints, he only ~*~dazzles~*~ and he did just that with this episode. Going from Castiel to Jimmy back to Castiel again. I swear, it was like going between two different personalities I kept wanting to say, Cylon!Misha? We can has moar Cylon copies of him nao? Kthx. XD But yes, a nicely done episode which had many points in references to such special individuals that can see/hear angels, they are chosen for such a purpose and there is no turning back from this destiny of theirs (Jimmy and His Special Destiny?) and of course the development of his character, both characters. Sad ending is sad, but I can't wait so see how all that plays out between him and Dean and what will happen with Heaven and Hell and the Apocalypse, and with Sam and his obsession and addiction to the demon blood.

THE "SOON" PROMO: Normally we'd got these "SOON" previews when we're about to go on hiatus, right? Well we have no more hiatuses and just two episodes left of the season, so this is just something interesting. I'm guessing that want us all pumped for these last remaining episodes which -- YES PPL I AM SOOO PUMPED AND EXCITED AND GIMME GIMME GIMME!
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