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Update: Tru Calling Season 2 News

It seems that Tru Calling has been officially axed from continuing any more of the second season. However, there are already six completed episodes of the postponed season two and FOX has somewhat promised an entire viewing of those six episodes in order before Tru Calling is officially off the airwaves and off of the network. It's unfortunate, due to the dedicated fanbase Tru Calling had, that the series has been canned. I was looking for more of the suspenseful and twisted plotlines and the story behind Tru's mother, Davis, her father's intentions and Jack's involvement in being Tru's opposite. Would've been an interesting second season.

The Good News: Bit.Torrent has the downloadable first episode of season two's Tru Calling! Located here: Tru Calling 2x01, "Perfect Storm". also has screencaps and a review for the unaired episode, which contains spoilers -- so if you don't want to be spoiled then I suggest you download the episode before reviewing the extra material. But from what I can tell from the reviews and the captures from the episode, the second season of Tru would've been a knockout hit if FOX had continued the series. It's rather unfortunate too, considering how much space they left open for many possibilities for twisted plotlines. I've actually pondered one of my many theories of Jack being Tru's half-brother, and I'm still thinking there is a slight possibility that he might be just that. My mind wanders to the most odd places at times....

Unfortunately for me, I don't have Bit.Torrent so downloading the episode will be very difficult thing to do since I don't have the program uploaded on my computer. I'll have to look into Torrent, however I'll be without the Tru Calling S2 episodes for a while. *sniff*

Despite what others say about boycotting the FOX network, I'm staying for one reason and one reason only: Point Pleasant. My new lovely fandom that has got me hooked from the first episode I saw -- and even when Tru Calling fans say that it's a replacement for Tru Calling, I beg to differ. It may have that supernatural feel that seems uncanny to TC's idea, however it's an entirely different storyline with an entirely different plot with many twists and turns. I'm not boycotting FOX just because another one of my shows got cancelled.

Hopefully I'll figure out a way to get Bit.Torrent onto my computer. If not I'll try to find an alternative way to watch the episode. First priority though, getting Torrent onto the computer without complications. That and schoolwork must be done -- needing the printer tonight for essay work. Joy, oh the fun in that.
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