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Feng Shui up the Yin Yang.

++ My non-spoilery reaction to Dollhouse: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! They just cannot cancel this show, not after the epicness that was this episode. No frakking way. It has to be renewed, it has to without a doubt, with only one episode left and much to be answered and revealed. Also, the reasoning for the downward of ratings with epic episodes like this? People need to start watching the show! For serious y'all. Some have dropped it because the first few episodes were lackluster, which I understand, but people these last several have been MOTHERFUCKING EPIC that it's killing me.

I probably might do a Dollhouse spam soon just to show y'all how crazyawesome it is. Seriously.

++ I'm still trying to heal from Supernatural, you guys. It was all kinds of amazing and awesome but, my heart still hurts. I have more meta regarding that part so, uh, yeah. Later with that. In the meantime, for anyone that feels the same way I am at the moment I recommend reading The Unraveling by the lovely tracy because damn. It is frakking amazing. ♥ And for schmooping shipper hearts, here's Ten Reasons To Love Dean/Castiel, because they are love.

++ Most randomest question ever, but does anyone miss the days of the boy band craze? I'm not talking about these punk-rock bands that have invaded the music scene in recent years. I'm talking about those old school boy bands from way back in the day. Like New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Five, O-Town, 98 Degrees, 2Gether, LFO, Hanson, Dream Street? Remember them? I know they were cheesy pop songs, but damn they were so addictive that it didn't matter whether you liked the genre or not people would just dance to it and know all the lyrics to. I found those bands more appealing that some of the emo/rockish bands of today, y'know? I want the classic boy band craze to make a comeback.

ETA: And yes, I'm fully aware of the Jpop/Kpop pop boy groups (like Super Junior, 2PM, Big Bang, among the girl groups that I love like Wonder Girls, KARA, Girls Generation, etc.) since I do listen to them time and again. Believe me, I know of the happy/cheerful/cheesy music which I love so much. I'm just speaking in the overall sense of the American music industry and how they should return to the pop groups/bands again sometime soon, that's all.
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