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Cheer up buttercup.

++ I haven't been around lately, either with commenting or AIM, all due to hectic due dates with schoolwork and such. I'm sure most people are on the same boat as well, what with finals and all. It's just been a very stressful week for me, but in a good way. Can stress be good? I don't know, but this being my final week within my class as I'm a graduate, it's been that good feeling even with loads of things piled up for me to do. So, heh.

++ I have a feeling that these last two Supernatural episodes of the season are going to hurt, and not just in the normal brotherly angst we're used to either. I mean hurt like BSG emotional rollarcoaster kind of hurt. I don't know if I'm prepared for that quite yet...or perhaps I am. All I know it's gonna be epic either way.

++ In Misha Collins news goodness: one non-spoilery interview and one semi-spoilerish-but-not-entirely interview about this Thursday's episode. The latter interview he mentions that his mother trolls the Internet. Yes, trolls. His words, not mine. And she sends him links to things she's found online. Whatever it is I don't know, but Misha's mother obviously took a lesson from Jensen's mother apparently. I could see them meeting up somewhere, plotting to send their sons as many crackalicious stuff they find online as possible. Hee!

++ More shiny news, Maine passed the law for legalizing same-sex marriage. This stuff makes me happy, spreading the love instead of hate.

++ I was watching a random episode of Will & Grace last night and I came to the conclusion that I just don't like Grace that much. I love Will, I find Jack and Karen's antics hilarious, but Grace? I find her grating. Perhaps it's the overdramatic acting or whatever, which I get, it's a comedy. But, I don't know. She rubs me the wrong way I guess.
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