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Some people juggle geese!

It's nearing the end of the seasons for television, which on a whole kinda sucks but since I only have like a few shows left on the air it doesn't necessarily matter. Or perhaps it does because that means I won't be getting anymore awesomeness from those few shows until after the summer hiatus. Oh well. Anyway, the Dollhouse "finale" was through the roof and I'm hoping FOX does the sensible thing and renewing it for another season. I loved Supernatural and will be mentally preparing myself for next Thursday, which will no doubt be pretty damn epic and heartbreaking.

Everyone's talking about the new Star Trek movie. I might go see it, I might not. Depends. I'm not a Trekkie and haven't followed that fandom, but seeing at how certain people are raving about it I might go check it out.

Speaking of movies, the official trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire has been released, and holy fuck does it look intense. Totes going to see this, fo'reals. I'm not familiar with the manga series but have heard interesting things about it, overall the reaction to the trailer is positive that it might actually be a nice adapation of the series.

Other movies I want to see, aside from the new HP film obviously, are Public Enemy (Johny Depp and Christian Bale with many, many guns? YESPLZ), Terminator Salvation (Christian Bale as John Connor) and Inglourious Basterds (directed by Quentin Tarantino, a spaghetti-western-like WWII war film, very Tarantino-style). I've not been a huge moviegoer lately, but these films? I am totally going to be seeing in theaters.
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