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I want my own dream, so bad I wanna scream!

++ Fandom, sometimes makes me incredibly happy to be a part of, but sometimes it makes me headdesk and stare with disbelief at some of the things I see/read/witness. Particularly the SPN fen, which I know is like shooting fish in a barrel, but still. Most recently there are fans that make the most ridiculous arguments or accusations, and this time it's about Castiel and his actions and behaviors in the most recent episodes which, you'd have to be blind to not understand where he's coming from and what is required of him as a warrior and soldier of God and Heaven. If the handful of you folks in fandom cannot understand this incredibly blatant fact and the reasonings behind it, well, that ain't my problem.

Moreover are the arguments regarding the religious aspect of the show. Okay, I know that sometimes religion can be a touchy topic of discussion for some, however it's not like the show has shoved religion down our throats. Not at all, it's merely taking certain aspects of religion and adding it into the mythos of the entire series overall, which has been present the whole time but its primary focus has been this season.

Also yes, I wholeheartedly believe that some of the angels want the Apocalypse to happen and for Lucifer to rise, it's even been stated within the show by Uriel himself, and that everything's been set up for the inevitable War in Heaven once again; the splitting factors with the good angels versus the turned angels. Heaven has been corrupted, we know this, so making accusations towards a beloved character or even saying that it's outside the scope of possibilities that this would ever happen makes me incredibly agitated. I mean seriously folks, do I need to whack y'all over the head with Book of Revelation or Paradise Lost? Or perhaps Dogma or Good Omens? And yes, for the record, I am loving what this season has been centered around and the direction they are going in with the Winchesters and the Apocalypse. It's probably the best season arc throughout the entire series, imo.

That came out longer than I had anticipated, but I just had to get that off my chest. I like having lengthy meta-discussions, but it's difficult when sometimes people are being stubborn and trying to make you understand their point. I had an issue with this previously with someone before, it doesn't end pretty.

++ This makes me sad, and possibly a bit outraged. How is it possible that when the episodes for Dollhouse get bigger and awesomer and more epic, the ratings continue to dwindle and drop? Now I do understand the demographic about the highly anticipated new Star Trek film being released Friday, as Wolverine was the previous week, but nevertheless is makes little sense. Part of me wants to blame FOX for still keeping in Fridays, but another part blames the fans that stopped watched only a few episodes in just because it "wasn't what they expected." Screw you all.

++ Um, some positive things? I'm officially done with my schooling, in negotiations towards continuing my education, graduation ceremony about a month or so away, and as of today I have started my externship. Moving forward in life, it's a wonderful thing. More on those later in a detailed post, of course. ♥ Also yes, my subject title is of the HSM3 song...I can't help myself, Zac Efron singing that song plus that solo dance he does is epic shit. Shut up, it's so addictive and I like it okay?
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