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Heads you live, tails you die.

The FOX upfronts are in: Dollhouse is indeed renewed while Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets canceled. The latter sucks and is depressing of course, I loved the show, but definitely not surprising. See, I would've loved it if they had renewed both shows, but that prospect is unrealistic by FOX standards. It was already a miracle that they renewed Dollhouse, which I am very grateful of, so the hard reality is one of them would have to be sacrificed. As much as I would've loved TSCC to have continued they seemed to have wrapped up the second season (and series overall) pretty nicely which is a rarity for some shows to have a full-circle completion, and if there's to be an expansion to that universe I would suggest either a minimovie or miniseries on another network, or direct-to-DVD or whatever. Never give up hope for alternative backups to continue to story.

But the hilarious thing? There seems to be some animosity between TSCC fans and DH fans, competing whether which show should be saved more than the other, and it seems some TSCC fans are bashing DH because of them getting canceled. Um, hey people? Both shows were victims of the FOX Friday deathslot and both suffered rating losses. We were all in the same boat here, if anything we should've all been helping each other than going on the "mine is better than yours" train. C'mon now, be mature folks.

Though why in everything that is holy is FOX allowing two comedy shows to be the lead-ins for Dollhouse? How much sense is that making, huh?

For more information, here's the article which details the decisions, shifts and changes we're to expect for its second season, and what Joss Whedon has to say regarding it.
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