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Bit.Torrent isn't coming through as I'd hoped, so that's no longer an option. Takes forever to look for the correct one for the computer, and takes longer to figure out if they're reliable enough without being led into paying and all this other nonsense. Too much to deal with, so downloading Tru Calling season 2 will not go from that place. I'll have to find another alternative to get the episodes then, if there are other options to choose from.

So. I'm exhausted. Physically I ache and have been a complete klutz all day, and emotionally drained. Coming home from my morning class, not bothering wanting to go to my afternoon classes because I didn't want to deal with those people today, I checked up quickly the updates on the Internet and news then collapsed into bed. I took a nice, long nap for 5 hours. I feel pretty refreshed, but still tired.

Can't wait until this week is over. But at least tomorrow I don't have morning classes -- sleeping in later is definitely heaven. 'Tis a good thing, yeah?
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