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Don't lie, you know you wanna tap this.

++ All you guys are so ridiculously crackalicious, and I love you all for it. I feel like I should do DAZZLING CAPSLOCK posts more often, especially when talking about Misha fucking Collins. But they come so spontaenously and at random so, you never know! Either way, I love you all for being so whacked and cracky with me. It makes the world go round when we're exchanging capslock sparkles and squeeing about our lovely precious angel who is just as insane as we are. ♥ ♥ MISHAWIVES IN DA HOUSE YO!

++ Today is June 1st, 2009. A significant date for anyone that watched Dark Angel back in the day, when terrorists detonated an electromagnetic pulse within the U.S., crashing all computer systems and basically turned America into a third-world country. Just a little trivia, and while it hasn't happened in our reality there are certain resemblences and similarities between that (and other fictional worlds) and our world, and it really makes you think, you know? What would happen if suddenly tomorrow our country turned upside down, how would we survive? How would we adapt? Just something to really consider when watching one of your fandoms, those connections.

++ Went to work today and already I'm exhausted. My God, this is gonna be another longggg week. Yipeee! /note sarcasm

++ I had more to say, but I'm just too fucking tired to really give anything at this current moment. Other than Leighton Meester looking motherfucking fierce at the MTV Movie Awards, which I didn't watch because MTV is craptastic and those awards are a joke, but seriously gurlfriend be rockin' it. Haters to the left, kthx.
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