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14 February 2005 @ 10:04 pm
Tru Calling 2x02 "Grace" Screencaps  
Because I can't download the remaining season 2 of Tru Calling, I am relying on the fanbase of the series to give feedback of the unaired episodes. Luckily, TruCalling-Fans.com has the screencaps from the second episode of season two, thanks to folks in New Zealand. There's also a review containing spoilers from the episode as well. Go Tru -- boo FOX for cancelling a greatly anticipated second season.

Tru and Jack in a bit of a rough 'n tumble

Tru and Harrison

Adorable and sexy, isn't she?

Am watching Medium at the moment, and the plot is definitely thickening as we speak. Later this week Point Pleasant, and I shall be writing reviews for both these glorious shows pretty soon. Still am waiting and anticipating more Goblet of Fire pictures, though. I want to movie now, I tell you, now!

Bedtime soon. Early morning tomorrow.
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