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My sleeping patterns are problematic.

++ Apparently my sleep schedules gone whacked for reasons stated previously in my RL post, I don't know whether it's insomnia or I'm oversleeping via naps and I have just screwed myself over from that entirely. And you know those nights where you're trying to fall asleep but just can't no matter how hard you try? Yeah, just had one of those nights. Not fun. Le sigh.

++ WONDER GIRLS will be making their American debut! First BoA and now Wonder Girls? I'm liking this sudden change of pace of Asian artists making their headway into the Western music scene, and this has me hoping that they'll collaborate together. The unfortunate thing is they'll be touring with the freaking Jonas Brothers. Srsly JYP, the JoBros? Srsly? I'm sorry, but WONDER GIRLS >>>> JOBROS ANYDAY. They are way too classy for that shit. Nevertheless though, it's the marketing strategy to gain more audiences here which I understand, and judging from the articles coming out with this news they are suggesting that the girls won't be changing their style other than translating their lyrics from Korean to English, so that's good. Hopefully they'll break out onto their own after getting their first exposure to the American audiences, and I'm sure they will. 'Cause they are just that amazingly fierce like that.

++ New fandoms are shiny and fun. I've just started getting into Numb3rs (I know, where've I been right?) and kinda loving it actually. The Big Bang Theory is too hilarious for words, like really. I've also just started watching the Korean drama 90 Days, Falling In Love Days which is a drama dealing with the taboo of two first cousins falling in love in something like a Romeo and Juliet drama story in a sense. I've just begun and am on the second episode, but so far I'm liking it, even if the subbing sucks ass. More on new fandoms discovered for later when I have something coherent to say about them.

++ Reading spoilers for Heroes next season and I have to say, I'm not entirely impressed. It seems like the same-old schtick they've been doing for the last three seasons now, aside from the casting spoilers that have been announced. I don't know, not enthusiastic to be honest.

++ MISHA COLLINS MANIPPED HIMSELF! Everyone's seen this already but I don't care, it's worth reposting again and again because it's MISHA FUCKING COLLINS AND HE FUCKING MANIPPED HIMSELF INTO A PICTURE WITH HIS CRAZY TWITTERING!! ♥ ♥ ♥ When he said he was a fangirl in disguise, he certainly wasn't lying. Oh Mish Mish, how did we ever deserve someone like you? ♥
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