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The universe is a vast and complex system...

The realization has dawned on me that I'm attracted to anything dealing with religious/spiritual and morality-based themes; looking at my fandoms from Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, to Supernatural, Carnivale and Dollhouse, they all deal heavily upon those very issues. I mean, okay, it's hardly surprising since the more I read and research upon such subject matters the more fascinated I become. Since I love meta, reading it and writing it, and anything that involves meta is always a plus for me. But whether it's dealing with Heaven and Hell directly or analyzing the intricacies of human morality and the influences religious fanaticism and absolutism have on our world, theological discussions and whatnot trying to understand the meanings of the presence of religion in our world and how it shapes us as human beings, my interests have expanded to following these trends as I'm going through my own spiritual discovery myself. It's just absolutely fascinating to me.

In relevance to that, I also feel like this is the point in my life where I'm finding myself, a kind of enlightenment, through such research and expansion of knowledge in discovering my own spirituality. Like finding those hidden puzzle pieces to have a bit more clarity in life, you know?

I guess this is why the entire mytharc of Supernatural, with its biblical dealings and connections of Heaven and Hell and of faith and belief has intrigued me while others have been cynical about it. Or why I enjoyed BSG with mixing the scientific explanations with faith and religion; just having a certain belief and faith while never having a clear answer for everything, or really taking the time to think and question as a viewer these deeper philosophical issues that rare shows out there do nowadays. It kind of saddens me that there are some people out there that just don't do that, that don't understand the purpose of such issues and don't think outside the box, who don't think from another perspective and just take things face value. Again, this is why I appreciate meta, theories and speculations that explore these things. Allowing oneself to really look into something more, research it and just understand it from another point of view, it's fascinating. This is why having discussions with fans sometimes can get frustrating because I have many theories and tend to overanalyze a bit whereas there are those that just don't, and I guess it's odd to me that they don't.

And...this post is more me rambling. Forgive me, I just watched the repeat of The Seven Signs of the Apocalypse program and it kinda spawned this post, along with other influences in fandom. Heh.
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