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No spoilers! No spoilers, not allowed!

Okay, there seems to be spoilers for the fifth season of Supernatural circulating already. While impressive it came out this soon, this leaves me very apprehensive and distressed since I remain spoilerfree, and fandom sometimes has zero consideration for us folks who want to remain in the dark. So I'll say this only once once: If ANYONE spoils me for anything, whether it's a rumored spoiler or confirmed, whether it's with emoticons or vague descriptions or even your own little reactions to it, I will most certainly cut a fucking bitch. Seriously. This is a no-brainer, people. I want to enjoy my fandom without someone harshing my squee, and being unintentionally (or purposefully as some fans seem to be just so fucking kind at wanting to share such info without thinking) spoiled for something of the new season is one of those downsides. If I want to look at furthering info regarding spoilers I'd do research myself, otherwise coming from someone else is a huge hell to the no.

In addition, the brilliant and wonderful ibroketuesday created a fantabulous community, spn_onthewagon, for spoilerphobics who, like me, wanna remain unspoiled.

So, spoilerfree people, where you be at? We must stick together through these rough times, yo.
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