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Yesterday was a distant memory...

Since I didn't reply to every single person I want to thank everyone for their wishes of congratulations on my last post. ♥ There was certainly some celebrating and partying afterward of course, but the entire event was fun and worth it.

There's much to report about what's been happening with me aside from that over the last week and what's coming up for me in the near future, but that'll be for a later date. I haven't really updated much regarding my fandoms, and I know I've been neglecting certain fandoms with all my Supernatural and Misha Collins squee, which I'm not ashamed or apologizing for of course, but I should mix things up a bit in the midst of all that squeeing.

With that, I've been going on a trip to Nostalgia Lane lately.

Rewatched some BtVS/AtS episodes, only the ones that featured my homegirl Faith, naturally. Fell in love all over again, not that I lost that love but it's nice to get a reminder of why she's so awesome, y'know? And of course while S4 of Angel wasn't the greatest by any means, just seeing the characters again was great too. I went on YouTube and after searching found pieces of my childhood on there. For example, I wanted to see if anyone uploaded some My Little Pony episodes and, lo and behold, there they were! I ended up rewatching My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle which was the very first MLP special ever, and it brought back so many memories! I used to rewatch that over and over again growing up. Funny thing though, it was a lot shorter than how I remembered it. I even found the New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh episode "Cleanliness Is Next To Nothing" With Crud. Yes, Crud, which I gotta say....THAT SHIT SCARED THE FUCK OUTTA ME WHEN I WAS LITTLE! I WILL NOT TRY DENYING IT! I was so scared that I was so fearful of under my bed for a long time as a kid. I really did think Crud was waiting so he could drag me under the bed forever. Seriously, no joke.

Then there's the Cannon Film version of Hansel and Gretel, rewatching some old Goosebump episodes, Gremlins, The Secret of NIMH...

Let's be honest, we had some dark shit growing up. Nothing like how PC many cartoons and children's movies are today. They seriously don't make them like they used to. This is why when I have kids you better believe I'm gonna brainwash them with my childhood.
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