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Until you know where you've been.

Expanding my meta-reading I had recently picked up Terminator and Philosophy, which came out earlier this year I believe as it mentions all the films, sans T4, along with TSCC and much to my satisfaction plenty of analytical essays, some I agree with some I don't, at least in terms of how the author of some has written them, but overall an amazing read so far. I am addicted to the Pop Culture and Philosophy series, if you couldn't tell. That one adds to the pile alongside my Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There, and I'm thinking about getting the other BSG philosophy book titled Mission Accomplished or Mission Frakked? I don't care which edition came out first, the more essays to compare and contrast the better I say.

That and I'm really looking for new reading material this summer. Heh.

And it appears that Bryan Fuller is going to be leaving Heroes, again. Wish I could say I'm surprised. But I'm not. Quite frankly judging from the lackluster in everything that show has been lately, my best bet is that this next season will probably be its last. Because really, what creative direction, if any, are they going in and do they even have a plan anymore?

I'm...also kind of really anticipating Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to finally come out, after much of the prolonged postponement. Anyone else with me?
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