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"A girl, a teenager, and a private detective - I'm a triple threat!"

++ Sadness and grief in the media and pop culture recently. Too many legends and amazing people are taken from us too soon and unexpectedly. It's surprising and shocking because we seem to think these individuals are immortal, they're legends and are supposed to live forever and ever. Then the reality hits us. From Farrah Fawcett to Michael Jackson, even actress Lorena Gale who played Elosha from BSG, these are people who brought us a lot of greatness in life and we should celebrate their achievements and how they shaped our culture and society. I know many people have certain opinions about certain celebrities, but to place that aside and really focus on the influences they had in our lives and culture is what matters now. Let us not speak or think ill of the dead, and also let us not exaggerate what should be left alone and in peace (looking at you, media people!)

++ In the middle of my fandom rewatching I decided to just dive right in and rewatch Veronica Mars which also includes, yes, season three which I avoided for the longest time because I fell out of that show. And you know what? It really isn't that bad. While Rob Thomas has some issues with his repeated rape/sexual assault plots throughout the show, it isn't to say he didn't have something of a plan for his characters one way or another. But it all takes me back to these characters, and how much Veronica rocked hardcore, the awesomeness of Mac, the love for Weevil, and how much I disliked Logan. Ah, memories.

Which, are they continuing with the idea of a Veronica movie or was that just talk? Because honestly, after the mess that happened with Elle's storyline in Heroes I kinda want Kristen Bell to return to having good characterization written for her.

++ There are two new shows that I've been thinking about watching: Glee and Virtuality, the latter which premiered last night on FOX and was written/created by Ron D. Moore. I saw a clip and was intrigued, read the description for the show got even more intrigued. Now it's hunting down the download time!
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