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Sometimes you gotta have a little squee! with your glee!

Firstly, I finally got around to watching Glee. OMG IT'S THE CUTEST LITTLE SHOW EVER! It's corky and hilarious and adorable and I love Rachel's wardrobe and her perfectionism which kind of reminds me of me academically in with my dancing, of course, but not that over-the-top, but still adorable. And it has Jayma Mays! And other actors I know of! And singing, and dancing, it's the Little Glee Club That Could! :D The show has this mix of it being a combination of Popular and High School Musical, and I love it. NOW I HAVE TO WAIT WITH EVERYONE ELSE FOR A NEW EPISODE, GAH!

Secondly, it appears that Virtuality tanked its ratings during its premiere, making it a slim to none chance it'll be renewed. It aired on Friday night on FOX, see the problem there? There's still minor hope that RDM can possibly pitch it to SciFi as some are suggesting via campaigning and all the critic reviews, but we'll see.

Thirdly, OMG BOA WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMING FOR THE GAY PRIDE PARADE YESTERDAY?!? I COULD HAVE DRIVEN DOWN THERE TO SEE HER! WHY DOESN'T ANYONE EVER NOTIFY ME OF THESE THINGS?! I MISS OUT OF MISHA IN THE LA CON AND NOW I MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE BOA BEING FIERCE LIVE! UNIVERSE, YOU HAS SOME S'PLAINING TO DO! It is amazing and cute that people were singing along, though. BoA is really stepping up with her promoting here, and it's like totally amazing watching that. Same with the Wonder Girls as they gave their first opening performance for the Jonas Brothers recently. I'm so nervous for them gaining popularity, yet it's like being a mama watching their baby go out into the world. Corny, I know, but still!
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