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Cute is as cute does.

Recently I've been overloading on a truckload of cute, from movies to shows. Since the majority of my fannish interests contain dark, depressing and/or serious topics I decided to switch it up a bit and add in some cute, lighthearted fun. I watched a sporadic amount of Dharma & Greg episodes because, um, Thomas Gibson being all laughing and smiling when he's not being the supah srs Hotchner on Criminal Minds is absolutely adorable I don't think I could take it! Especially with how cute Greg and Dharma are together. It makes me wish to find someone to share that kind of relationship with, giving hope that even with opposite interests when love hits you that hard there is no turning back. ♥

I also have this not so guilty pleasure of watching a marathon of Wizards of Waverly Place. Yes, it's on Disney Channel but omgosh, Selena Gomez is absolutely too fucking adorable! She's just cute as a button, and is incredibly talented and such an underrated young actress, for reals now y'all. And I just realized, that her character, Alex Russo, is kinda like me in ways. Oh, I love her snark and witty comebacks, and her unapologetic ways of not caring what people think about her and how she relishes in her reputation. I think she and Veronica Mars would get along beautifully. Hmm, I'm sensing crossover. Also...I kinda have this secret guilty pleasure of wanting Alex/Justin to happen. DON'T JUDGE ME I KNOW THEY ARE SIBLINGS BUT I DON'T CARE OKAY! It's kinda like Casey and Derek on Life With Derek, their chemistry makes it too easy for me.

I will be rewatching the pilot of Glee, and possibly thinking about (finally) getting into Pushing Daisies that I've somehow delayed this entire time. Psych and Leverage are also returning, so yay! More fun to be watching.

This is also a way of distracting the slowness of the summer hiatus, and some of the wanking drama that's been circulating around lately in some parts of fandom. I think most will understand what I mean by that. So, I'm getting away from that all that unnecessary drama and negativity to focus more on the happier aspects.
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