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Fanmix: Six/Castiel - Even The Mighty Shall Fall

"When God's anger awakens, even the mighty shall fall..."
~ Sharon "Athena" Agathon, BSG

They thought they knew their mission, knew where they stood; even when questioning orders they thought Heaven had been honorable to their own kin. Unfortunately, things got turned around for the worst as horrible truths were revealed, leaving much dishonesty, distrust and betrayal. Now, two angels from Heaven are struggling with their own faith as trying to stand tall as they watch their beloved home crumble before their eyes, silently praying for the Lord's guidance, if He ever answers them...

Notes: With this mix, being my second Six/Castiel creation, I wanted to take it into a completely different direction, something thematic and melancholic in terms of the mood with the characters. They've both come to realize that their home is no longer their home anymore, that they've been deceived and betrayed by Heaven; everything they've done has been a facade to conceal the truth of their superior's own intentions concerning the endgame. The sense of loss, of pain and uncertainty, I wanted to bring that into this mix in signifying the lost hope and dwindling faith of these two characters. The last track represents that last spark of hope that, with each other and the help of their human companions, there may be that silver lining after all, even if it's bittersweet with a bit of vengeance on their end.

01. "The Rapture" by X-Ray Dog
02. "O Fortuna" by Opera Babes
Sors immanis, et inanis (Fate - monstrous, and empty)
rota tu volubilis (you whirling wheel)
status malus, vana salus (you are manevolent, well-being is vain)
semper dissolubilis (and always fades to nothing)
obumbrata, et velata (shadowed, and veiled)
michi quoque niteris (you plague me too)
03. "Massive Dose" by Sonic Librarian
If you could take a dream
And make it real
Who would you be? Who would you see?
I'm floating free now
Falling slowly
I can see you, from up here
04. "A Bittersweet Tragedy" by Beseech
I am blinded and fooled by fear
As puppets in a cold dark play
We are trapped inside a cage
Until this downward spiral ends
05. "En Vie" by Apocalyptica ft. Marta Jandova
[translated from French]

Why let the chance
When our dreams lost the memory?
Should you be as stupid?
That history repeats itself
Is it not sufficient to see?
A little less evil
Is it not sufficient to want?
And this world gone to war
06. "Virtue and Vice" by Delain
Heaven denied us its Kingdom
Tell me where we've gone wrong
Oh, fortitude, I do like you
But I only speak when spoken to
Heaven forgive, the mess I meant
Temperance, why do I cast
Your prudence to the wind?
07. "Minor Heaven" by Tarja Turunen
Light a way for me to walk on,
From the ashes to the sky
Burn the thorns so I can hold on
Trust in me I know I'm right
I'm know I'm gone too far
Leave them where they are
08. "Something Dark Is Coming" composed by Bear McCreary
09. "In The Air Tonight" by Full Blown Rose
Well, I remember, I remember don't worry
How could I ever forget
It's the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why you keep your silence up
No, you don't fool me
The hurt doesn't show, but the pain still grows
It's no stranger to you or me


Tags: fanmix: supernatural, six/castiel
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