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Okay, so. I finally just saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...

Well, that was depressing. In that it was absolutely incredible kind of way. Sure, things were changed and altered from the book, which is to expected, and quite frankly I'm pleased with the outcome of the film. It told the story well even with certain crucial scenes taken out. Though I will say certain things shouldn't have been sacrificed for the sake of having the romance stuff. Perhaps I just don't see the need to have the lovey-dovey bits, while hilarious as they were at times, when they could have left other things that served towards the plot. That's just how I feel about it anyway.

Speaking of, didn't anyone else feel that there was zero chemistry between Harry and Ginny? There was nothing there like, at all. One of the issues is that I felt Bonnie just wasn't acting in this film. I mean really, just saying the lines in a monotone voice is not acting. I don't like either Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione as couples, so that was my only complaint. Although the Ron and Hermione scenes weren't all that horrible as I thought they were going to be, unlike the scenes with Ginny. I'll be honest, it was kind of painful to watch. Why did JKR have them be together again? I'll never understand.

I liked the flashbacks/memories with Tom Riddle. The younger versions of him were picked perfectly to fit that slightly unsettling feel to him demeanor, never knowing what's going on inside that head of his. I also liked Slughorn, too, and Bellatrix was even better than the previous film. Should have had more Remus and Tonks, though. Just saying.

But the highlight of the film for me was definitely Draco Malfoy.

I've been a Draco fan since the beginning, and this installment of the series has much development of his character, which we see clearly throughout the movie. Tom Felton really delivered in this one, he brought it all to the table and did not disappoint in playing it up with the complexities of the character and what he was going through. Just watching him go through the film with this poker face, his inner conflict with himself with his task from the Dark Lord and finally seeing him coming undone, cracking under the pressure. Very impressive job. In fact, I kinda wanted more Draco scenes, but I was happy with what we got because in the previous films there hasn't been much focus on him that much. I also really enjoyed seeing Harry's growing obsession over Draco in finding out what he's up to, I mean crucial to the storyline sure but my shipper heart went wild. ♥ So many Harry/Draco moments there, I am not going to lie in going "Harry is checking up on his boyfriend" at certain points. ;D

The final confrontation....even though knowing what happened, it still was heartbreaking to watch. Seeing Draco and Dumbledore faceoff, seeing Draco breaking, torn between what he's supposed to do and what he knows is right, just oh man. Loved Tom in this scene particularly, so amazing.

The ending fit the mood, the sense of loss and grief and knowing for the events that is to come in the next and final installment of the movies (which will be split into two films, how that'll work out I have no idea). Overall it wasn't as action-packed as the previous two, but it told the necessary story and I'm happy with it. So, that's that.

BTW, just so you know, DRACO MALFOY IS LOVE! TRUFAX!

ETA: Oh yeah, and I forgot one thing. I really REALLY miss Katie Leung. :(

I may see it again, or if not in regular theaters when it comes out in IMAX. But yes, it was a really good film overall.
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