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Just a bit of squeefulness up in here.

++ I just watched Dollhouse "Epitaph One" and, um, holy fucking shit I think my brain just broke. In a good way, of course. The kind of way you watch something of Joss Whedon and get totally mindfrakked along the way. I can't make a proper review at this moment because I'm still reeling over what I had just seen, but believe me for those that are/have been skeptical about the show before this episode definitely will change your mind. It's confusing and raises more questions than answers, but it gives you the has/was/will be scenario which leads into next season. It's also very awesome and dark and brilliant and, will have you craving for more.

Also, I will say this, Joss needs to write post-apocalyptic stuff more often.


I will say that I'm no longer part of the HP fandom, haven't been for a long time now, but due to the Half Blood Prince finally being released after much postponement, I will say it definitely has renewed my love for said characters, especially for Draco, who I have always liked but ended up loving more and more as the series progressed. I also squeed about him in my review, but seriously I'm feeling all the squees around the fandom because of his character in the movie. Hell, bookshop even has a big motherfucking Harry/Draco revival party going on, filled with fic recs either present or past, fanart, why you love the pairing, and so on.

And also, someone made a blair_draco community, for Draco Malfoy and Blair Waldorf. DO NOT JUDGE, THEY BE FIERCE BAMFS TOGETHER YOU CAN'T DENY IT!
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