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All along the frakking watchtower, so say we all!

++ I'm listening to the BSG S4 soundtrack right now and, um, I may or may not be silently weeping at particular tracks. Everything is so poignant and powerful, with each track having the same amount of emotional impact as though you're reliving the scenes all over again, is precisely why Bear McCreary is a composing mastermind. He really has enjoyed working on the music of BSG, you can tell by just how much passion he places in many of the pieces. Even with the hauntingly beautiful opening track, "Gaeta's Lament" (that everyone should listen to, I am not kidding) which has Alessandro Juliani singing, just sets the tone of the angst and the depression and bittersweet atmosphere of the season/series perfectly. Especially when it becomes a dramatic crescendo towards the end, pulling at your heartstrings. Personally, aside from the many things I loved about the show, the music is the most memorable to me and really completes the entire series.

++ Despite the fact that the BSG actors were not nominated for any nominations whatsoever, the worst and coldest snub ever, Edwards James Olmos has guaranteed possible more telemovies in the future. All I'm gonna say is DON'T BE MESSING WITH US EDDIE! THIS IS MAKING ME SQUEEFUL JUST HAVING THE GUARANTEE COMMENT FROM YOU! :D

++ Does anyone remember that MTV series Fear? I've been watching some episodes on YouTube, and it's funny because there are times when you totally tell it's completely scripted and fake. It was supposed to have just five random contestants proving a certain location is haunted, but it was more scare tactics instead of being investigators like Ghost Hunters. It was more like having a dare contest to see if you can survive the night inside a spooky house in order to win five thousand dollars, complete with handheld cameras and everything. But although it was fake I do think that being legitimately scared wasn't, because even though these people knew what they were signing onto with MTV being alone at night with just a camera inside a dark place can be pretty intense, your mind starts messing with you and you can get pretty creeped out.

I just remember the very first episode that was shown where that one dude had to pull the sheet off of a chair or whatever as his dare, after being informed of some angry spirit in that room or something like that, and just as he did he ran away screaming like a little girl! Oh man, good times.

++ So. Comic Con's already in session, I've been reading reports from some of the panels so far. The one I'm leaning towards is the Supernatural one. Only because I want to know if they're going to show the gag reel for season four and if Misha starts doing random things like he always does. Also, is there actually a Heroes panel this year? I thought they mentioned some months ago there wasn't going to be one.
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