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Nathan Fillion says that Cons are a weekend long orgasm.


Well, most of them anyway. I've been doing my best of avoiding accidentally being spoiled regarding certain shows, Supernatural and Dollhouse respectively, from all the Comic Con reports being written. It's difficult because there are so many temptations about reading something and hearing what others have to say about them, but I'm staying strong and refusing despite the irresistible temptation to look. Thankfully nothing's been spoiled to me because I have a very considerate friends list (ilu guys, seriously). I've only caught just the non-spoilery reports on how the actors have been at the panels and the funny stories that ensue, and did everyone else see the video David Boreanaz sent in apologizing for not being about to attend? So adorable.

And how can anyone forget the JOHN BARROWMAN/DAVID TENNANT KISS?! Come on now. ♥

However, I did catch up one what Kring has to say about Heroes next season despite not being interested in the show anymore: I am not going to lie, when Heroes premiered I thought it was a great show, amazing even. The amount of characters and storylines they had, interconnected and entwined together and the stories they told. It was remarkable really, for a new shiny show about normal people discovering they had superpowers of some kind. But all that has dwindled away as Kring's promises have become more and more empty and lacking in any kind of originality or progression of the show aside from making shit up as they go along (and retconning everything they'd done in the past, making little to no sense in continuity which, really, consistency is what I look for in a story being told), and how everything has become so cliched, redundant and overdone ad nauseum that my interest dropped once the show hit that downhill moment in the beginning of season three.

So unsurprisingly, the information about season four have been nothing more than shit we've seen and heard from before, making me less interested in watching it or even waiting for them to make the changes they've promised time and again to do to fix things.

Kring also makes more unneeded comments about the "diversity" of the show: "We always try to be as diverse as possible. Characters obviously come and go, but it's a continuing thing that we try to fulfill for the audience. Stay tuned and you'll see some really cool casting in that area." I make no further comment on this other than: You're full of shit, Tim Kring.

Mohinder is NOT going to be a main factor of season four. In fact, they're pushing him into the background of everything which is why we haven't heard much about what Mohinder is going to be doing next season, to which Kring goes and blames the huge casting issue. Right Kring, because shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Firefly and countless of others that also have had a big cast had troubles with maintaining a steady way of making all the characters involved with storylines one way or another. Give me a fucking break. *rolls eyes*

Amongst that Hiro is going to have a terminal illness, Claire is turning lesbian, Sylar is going to be returning (again...for the millionth time), and the whole "redemption-everyone-going-back-to-normal-lives" thing is being redone. Again.

But Jack Coleman is funny with this: Jack Coleman jokes about HRG's lack of abilities: "I have the power of impaired vision."

I may seem a bit bitter but after what they've done to the show I don't think my feelings are going to change unless, by some miracle, the show proves me wrong that it actually can be decent enough to be redeemed in my eyes. But I don't think it will to be honest, and I have a strong feeling this will probably be the last season as far as Heroes is concerned. I'm just saying, and quite frankly I think it would be better if it did end after this season.

So, um, yeah. Staying away from Comic Con news is close to impossible particularly since it's everywhere on LJ, I mean even if you didn't attend how can you not miss it? Besides spoilers that is, which I AM STILL AVOIDING FOR MY MAIN FANDOMS AND EXPECT ALL THE CONSIDERATION TO CONTINUE FOR SPOILERFREE PPL LIKE ME, KTHX! Otherwise, if there are edited/despoiled reports out there bring them on bbs!
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