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"Sweet mother of Preston Tucker!"

++ Furthering evidence of Russel T. Davies being, well, anything but forgiving of what he did with Torchwood. I never had much of an opinion of RTD before this, though his comments seem to be less compassionate or understanding and more of the douchenozzle type. But I'm kind of conflicted here. On one hand I appreciate the honesty he gives and not letting fandom influence his decisions, on the other hand he just doesn't quite get it or understand fandom as he so claims he does and seems to be answering the questions with this rude tone, and is seen rather pretentious and standoffish than supportive and understanding. All I can say is there could have been a more tactful way of addressing these issues about Children of Earth rather than insulting the fanbase that didn't like it, just saying.

++ MULAN LIVE ACTION TEASER-TRAILER! A Starlight International Media Group production, based off of the actual legendary tale of Hua Mulan, not the Disney animated movie.

It's kind of funny seeing everyone's comments and reactions about this new live action film for Mulan being done, thinking it's a remake of the animated version never-minding the fact that there's been various films and dramatized versions of the tale of Hua Mulan long before the Disney animated film popularized the story (having just finished watching the 1964 opera musical Lady General Hua Mulan, an interesting telling of the story might I add). I'm just kind of loling at people going "is there gonna be singing?" or "what about the dragon?" or anything that is going to compare the live action to the animated movie. I just want to respond: "research motherfuckers, have you done it?" Because I am mean like that. XD

The original story shares the same basis for all adaptations of course, a young woman takes the place of her father in battle for twelve years before returning home and then revealing to her comrades that she was, in fact, a woman. The poem/ballad of the story itself is quite beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I loved and adored Disney's Mulan and thought it was a perfect story to be inspirational for young girls (discarding the sequel because wow, did that suck), but this film seems to indicate more of the times of war and the strength Hua Mulan used to join the forces of men in such brutal times. I think Zhao Wei is the perfect choice to play the role of Hua Mulan, let's just hope the movie does the story justice as the trailer shows.

Interestingly though, why is Vitas (a popular Russian singer) in this movie, looking very much out of place when watching the trailer? I don't even know, and I don't know if I should care.

++ Getting into a new fandom: Middleman, all thanks to the DVDs and the little tidbit that I hope is true that if there's enough DVD sales of the first season they'll renew the show? Am I hearing that right? If so, that's amazing and I'm crossing my fingers that it works, because that means this could yet be another method of getting an almost-doomed series prevented of cancellation! *g* And really, Middleman is HILARIOUS.
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