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"And then we keep them in a glass jar with our fireflies!"

++ The news that Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two U.S. journalists arrested in North Korea, were released and have returned home after Kim Jong Il had given them a special pardon has made me sighing in huge relief. Needless to say, this was a pleasant shock to hear. I'm not saying that Kim Jong Il has sanity due to his continuing batshit craziness, but this was something of a rare generosity towards these women when he could have been less than forgiving. I mean, come on, twelve years in a labor camp? That's too much even if they they were illegally crossing the borders. I'm just glad they've arrived home, safe and sound.

++ Battlestar Galactica: The Plan DVD box art. ME WANTS TEH PRECIOUSSSS! Tricia looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover, btw. ♥

++ Know what's funny? There are some people that outright hated "Epitaph One" because they believe it reveals the ending of the show thus claiming why they should continue watching Dollhouse if they've been given the outcome anyway? LOL. Oh silly, naive people, missing the point of the episode entirely. Fans watch for the unraveling of the chain of events which this episode blatantly shows the outcome of, and for the character relationships and how they ended up where they were and so forth. Seriously, get with the program folks. Sometimes I just feel there are those that will complain about anything regarding Dollhouse. Look, if you don't like it or don't trust Joss in what he's doing, then just leave. No point in getting your panties in a twist over a fandom you have no interest in. Just stating the obvious.

But I do feel the need to laugh at this, because I think it's ridiculous. Since yes, all future!episodes in shows dictate what the actual ending is going to be. Let's place all the character development and relationships out the window, shall we! *cackles*

++ GOOD NEWS: FOX execs to leave Dollhouse alone, allowing Joss to do his thing. SHOULDA DONE THAT THE FIRST GO 'ROUND FOX, FOR REAL NOW! SHEESH! Nevertheless though, I'm happy they've come to their senses first time perhaps? because more things are better when FOX doesn't intervene. I'm also VERY VERY pleased with some of the guest-star list for S2, but it's a bit spoilery so I won't say anymore. Other than I'm ecstatically happy. *g*

++ This is simply fantastic, just a small little fanmade teaser-promo, pinpointing why I loved Draco's role in HBP. ♥ Slight spoilers if you're not familiar with what happens. I'm just waiting for the handful of Harry/Draco vids that are going to be conjured up due to the film, because damn if there were many scenes that were edited fit for that purpose alone. ♥ ♥ ♥
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