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I just read that ~*~OMG SO HORRIFIC CASTING SPOILER~*~ in Supernatural that people were freaking out about recently, and here is what I have to say...

Reading that Paris Hilton will be a guest-star in the fifth season of Supernatural has become something of a hot topic for most people, and I can understand why to an extent. Not everyone favors socialites who are only famous for being in the Hollywood spotlight just for being, well, either rich and famous. Some even classify putting such celebrities as guest-stars in their shows more of a cop-out reason to gain ratings or whatever, or purely as a joke. However, I think people are blowing this way out of proportion, as fans usually do when they don't have all the details or have seen the final product.

This may seem unpopular as opinions go, but I actually don't mind Paris Hilton that much. In fact, I like her well enough that she's tolerable in my eyes. She's not in the spotlight that much anymore, and I think many are going by what the tabloids and headlines have said about her. Hey, I was with everyone else disliking her long ago, but I've overcome that once realizing hey, she's not all that bad as some people think she is. Just overhyped. She may not have great acting range that may be true, but from what she's done such as guest starring on Veronica Mars and her role in Repo! The Genetic Opera, she's exceptional (I also enjoy her music too, what? Guilty pleasure okay?)

And hey, Jared Padalecki knows her when they did House of Wax together. It could've just been a "hey, wanna guest spot on my show if you're available?" kinda deal.

Also? Kripke isn't stupid. He knows the reactions his audience will have to his casting choices, it isn't to smite us or make us go "why?" at him. This role was given specifically for her and it'll be one of this parody, fun irrelevant-to-the-plot episodes which will be fun. And hey, she loves the show and will be working with Jared again. I'd say go for it, girl.

Either way, fandom is crazy and insane and made of lulz. Just saying. This is the only spoiler I have actively sought out (mainly because someone posted about it without a cut and I was about to be pissy, but found it rather amusing than irritating). So NO MORE SPOILERS FROM NOW ON! PROMISE.
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