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"Banana, a yellow fruit. Also a pudding...a delicious pudding."

++ Pictures from the FOX Teen Choice Awards that I will not be watching tonight, just needed a little recap on who went and who won, not like all that matters but still. Needless to say, Britney looked absolutely fantastic, Leighton Meester looked fierce as usual, Selena Gomez is just adorable, THE WONDER GIRLS ATTENDED!!!, RPattz looking high and the cast of Twilight looking bored (still loling at that random girl with the "I love Robert Pattinson sign), Megan Fox needs to GTFO and stay out, and Miley Cyrus...seriously, what the fuck was that? Pole dancing, seriously? Stay classy, Cyrus family.

I honestly don't care for these award shows, but I like looking at the fierce-to-trainwreck fashions and for the lulz of the events sometimes. I just remember back in the day I actually thought these were the shiznit, only to discover that they are just...shit. And don't mean anything. Heh. Besides, a surfboard? Lamest. Award. Ever.

++ These have made me incredibly happy. Sendhil on Psych? Yesplz, kthx. ♥

++ I'm thinking about doing a SPN S4 rewatch before the new season. It might be a bit too late to do one episode per week, because September is right around the corner, so it might be at least two episodes a week? Or the weekend? I don't know, I'll figure something out. I'm kinda working on "Lazarus Rising" right now and see how it goes from there and might post it tonight if I'm lucky
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