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Sometimes I really hate people.

My ranting post, let me shows you its.

++ It's people like this bigoted asshole right here that are the problem with maintaining sanity or, at least, trying to maintain being the levelhead in the situation where it's like talking to a brick wall. Especially since he's denouncing any kind of rational arguments by people who disagree on his stance, it's obvious he's on his self-righteous high horse and not getting off any time soon. It's bad enough his strong homophobic comments and views are jarring as they are, some of the comments made that support his words are even worse. I just, don't even know how to properly respond to this. My rage, it continues to seethe and yet somehow I still don't want to waste my time with this douchenozzle. People who refuse to look at both sides of an argument, even if they are the shit-stirrer to begin with, are not worth anyone's time, since they will not see reason due to the huge stick up their bigoted ass.

And don't even get me started about the recent reports of racefail that's been happening. Just, wow.

++ I'm not much for politics myself, however I feel the need to comment on something that's been driving me up the wall, particularly with individuals who aren't pleased with the way Obama is handling his presidency and cry out the phrase with such negativity: "This is not the America I grew up in!"

First of all, the America most of these people grew up in was in segregation. It had limited rights for POC and women, it had sexism and discrimination, and lacked any kind of diversity and unity as a people altogether, and plenty of other things that were not of the good. Just because we have a black president doesn't mean everything is going down the shithole. I understand not everyone is going to agree with what he does and that's to be expected, but somehow people think that change = bad, and that's not it at all. Change can be good, change can be for the better, and whether you like it or not President Barack Obama is making those changes for us all as a united nation. Understandably this issue concerning health care is something many are worrying about, and rightfully so. But we can't denounce him for that alone, he's only been in office for less than a year. We can't magically change everything in that short period of time. America has too many screwed up things that need to be fixed, some will take more time than others and then some, and he's got a few more years in office to do just that.

No, this isn't the America you grew up in. It'll be a better America. We don't know what will happen in the upcoming years, but I do have faith that we're moving forwards in this nation instead of backwards.
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