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I watched it.

Okay. So, after pretty much avoiding all temptations I finally just gave into watching the new SPN promo that was released. I know, bad girl, but I needed to see all the fuss.


Seriously, the music creating the mood and the atmosphere was absolutely perfect. Definitely reminded me of the Johnny Cash "God's Gonna Cut You Down" promo they used for season two. It wasn't as spoilery as I thought it was going to be, but seeing new scenes and the extent to what they were showing, thoroughly impressed me and has gotten me pumped more than ever for the new season. Because I haven't read any furthering spoilers I don't know much about what is going to happen (and it will stay that way until said episodes air), but here are a few highlights from the promo alone that have gotten me excited.

** CASTIEL. I know that Misha has been made a series regular and will be in the majority of season five, rejoicing with plenty of hallelujahs here, but seeing new scenes with him and Dean just make me shiver. Who knew that him lighting up a match would be kinda awesome and hot? Also, CASTIEL AND DEAN TOGETHER OMG! IDK what's going on with Castiel -- which I think is something I've predicted since S4 but not knowing for sure -- but holy shit, scruffy!Castiel gets my approval. :)))

** CASTIEL SHIELDING (Dean? Chuck?) FROM SHATTERING GLASS = FTW. There's going to be an overload of Dean/Castiel scenes this season, I can already tell.

** JO!!!!! JO HARVELLE HAS RETURNED BITCHES! Thank the Lords of Kobol, seriously. I was unintentionally spoiled that Ellen was returning, but this was a huge surprise for me to see Alona Tal in this promo. I loved her way back in season two and I still love her now, and it was only a matter of time when they would pop up again. I am happy for this so the bitchy fandom can suck it.

** Someone pouring salt down Sam's throat? Sam having his foot on Dean's neck? Whoa. Talk about intensity.

** Isn't the song used for the promo a rendition of "O Death" sung by Ralph Stanley that was used in "O Brother, Where Art Thou"? Has certain similarities.

** "This is war!" Damn straight it's war. I have a feeling this is going to be even more epic than last season, just from the feel of this promo alone (also the last season too, if they're going to tie everything together with the Apocalypse and everyone's destiny). And I say: bring it on, bitches. Bring it on.

I know nothing more about the fifth season and if anyone spoils me for anything further than what I mentioned, casting wise or plot wise, you will be cut like a bitch. I am not joking. Looking at this promo was enough to get me stoked for the new season and I don't want to be ruined for anything else, just letting y'all know.
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