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News: Severe Weather Scare

Just recently there had been extreme rainstorms hitting California. The local news, and some people probably have heard about this, has reported the major rainstorms and strong winds have been causing mudslides and flooding in Southern California. Some people have been injured, while others have died due to the unexpected storms.

Tornado and thunderstorm warnings are being issued around our area right as of now. Though nothing major has hit us directly just yet, there’s a slight possibility that the tides will turn and it’ll head in our direction. The warnings are happening almost every half-hour on the television set and radio, and each report is somewhat different. Even though there’s sunshine peeking through the dark gray clouds outside now, those dark clouds are suddenly drawing nearer and nearer and seem pretty intimidating, threatening to pour heavy rain and hail. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. During the past two years we’ve had three thunderstorms total -- one was during the summer, ironically enough. But this is the first time we've had warnings for thunderstorms and tornados all at the same time, in the same day during the same hour. Holy shit, that's a world record for us. Yippee!

Updates on the aftermath coming shortly later this evening (if it lasts until then).

P.S. LJ, you're really starting to get on my last nerve with this 'Read-Only Mode' bullshit. I had an entry all ready and waiting for posting about this and you just had to lose it all for me! Grrr, for shame LJ, for shame.

EDIT: Tornado warnings have passed. Thunderstorms still a possibility, and wind is picking up.

EDIT 2: Okay, thunderstorms have passed as well. Fortunately nothing disasterous is going to happen concerning Mother Nature. However, because we're still in rainy-weather season we'll probably still have rain throughout the week. Which is to be expected, of course.
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