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Another round of "oy vey" Wednesday.

++ Rest In Peace, Teddy Kennedy. We lost yet another great individual that accomplished so much in his lifetime, even with his personal struggles he achieved and influenced so much and no doubt his legacy will live on. Whether or not you agreed with his political views, there is no denying he will most certainly be missed. :(

++ There's a lot of WTF that happens in the news, today this caught my eye. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it still boggles my mind that parents use their children as their own political conduits, showing the amounts of intolerance and hatred towards others. Just thank goodness the school authorities took proper action. School is a learning environment, not one's own political protesting venue. Tolerance and common sense, get you some. In semi-relation to this, you know those protesters against the health care reform, those who brought loaded guns near where Obama would be giving his speeches for the health care plan? Same goes for those folks who think they're exercising their second amendment rights, just because you can doesn't mean you should, especially when taking it in context of the situation and becoming an endangerment and a threat to everyone around them. It really makes me wonder what is going through these people's head when they thought they were defending their "rights", or in the former case the freedom of speech excuse.

Crazies, the world is full of them, and their lack of common sense and Earth logic as well. *shakes head*

++ Alrighty, getting away from all that...

I've only read partial spoilers for what's to come next season, not everything but just enough to get the idea of what the season is generally going to be about. And you know what? I'm excited. Just the fact that there will be a second season at all is a miracle in itself, and hopefully if FOX is true to their word and they leave the show alone and let Joss do his thing, it'll be much better than how S1 started which had a lot of folks skeptical and missing the entire point. Also, I am squeeing because of these slightly spoilerish promo pics. Makes me really wish for more with the BSG/Dollhouse loveorgy that Joss has going on.... *crosses fingers for Tricia or Trucco*

++ Finally watched the SPN S4 gag reel, lolarious as usual. Though barely enough Misha, I'm just saying. That man is like a walking crackpot of funny, you'd think they would have it extra long just for him. Oh well, perhaps there may be an extended version somewhere with Misha just being Misha, like always.

++ Oh, the wank surrounding the Stargate Universe fail is very amusing, though I'm halfway between laughing and facepalming at the show attempting to be ~*~edgy and cool~*~ to appeal to their so-called younger audiences. I'm not a fan of the other SG shows, I watched a few episodes sporadically but I never fully engaged into it, just wasn't my kind of show. But I'm predicting SGU will fall flat on its face, which wouldn't surprise me judging from wank this early into the game.
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