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That is so fetch!

++ THIS HAS MADE ME A VERY VERY HAPPY BUNNY. Casting and role spoilers for Dollhouse, but are nonetheless awesome, and the article refuses to call SciFi "Syfy". Right on.

++ Just a random thought: Disney Channel should really bring back all the classic Disney Channel stuff, you know before it became a revenue for tween shows that are repeated ad nauseum. I'm serious. I mean, some of the stuff is cute if a bit overdone and overrated, but things used to be so diverse and filled with a wide variety of things for people of all ages, not just kids and preteens. I want the classic Disney to return, like syndication of their old shows or even the shows they used to syndicate that were from other countries or from other channels. It's the same with Nickelodeon, too. I was watching the old school Nick, with the old cast members of All That and Kenan and Kel and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and all of those classics. Kids television just isn't as it used to be, somehow I think ours was a bit better because of that variety. Oh, the 90s.

++ Is there such a thing as overkill in a franchise? The HSM movies are done, as far as I know, but here comes The Final Destination, which happens to be the fourth, and there's yet ANOTHER Bring It On movie coming direct-to-DVD. I enjoyed the first two FD films, mainly because of Ali Larter, but didn't see the third and won't be seeing the fourth as they've gotten cheesier, in my opinion. The BIO films, I don't even know. I don't think they anticipated this kind of a franchise, but the first with Kristen Dunst, Clare Kramer and Eliza Dushku will remain the best. I also enjoyed the one with Hayden Panettiere, but that's a given. The rest, no.

++ I have this urge to watch Mean Girls all of a sudden, because it's such a fun, entertaining and quotable movie. And I love those kinds of teen movies. And I LOVE Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried in it, so hilarious.
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