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Harry and Draco are sekritly in lurve, trufax.

I've been reading/watching some of the Dragon*Con recaps from over the weekend, or what I can since I think many people who went are too exhausted to write up anything at the moment. I just finished watching TOM FELTON'S panel via YouTube which...was this is first convention or appearance at an event like Dragon*Con? I'm so out of the loop on which of the HP cast has attended conventions over the years and all of that, but I do know he attended the fan event at Hot Topic earlier this year and he mentioned it was his first time ever at that kind of a meetup with fans so, yeah, I would assume this would be his first official convention to attend.

Anyway, how adorable is he? Not just from this but from interviews and such, he's just a genuinely friendly and nice and appreciative of the fans and is passionate about his work, as he describes at the panel. But of course, someone had to ask the question about fanfiction, which I inwardly cringed, but thankfully he took it in stride and prompted the infamous "Harry and Draco in bed" manip story that traumatized him, lol. But he's very appreciative of the fan community and loves that we love the HP universe and the movies and such, so that's great. Still though, WHY people mention it I don't know. Though we did get Tom giving his favorite scene ("Harry and I in the toilets") giving a great explosion from the audience, along with the question about whether Draco and Harry are secretly in love with one another, which I found hilarious and I think Tom did too, hee.

I know, I'm gushing right now. I think alongside Misha Collins, I am on a Tom Felton high. And I have to mention the birthday surprise some fans did for him at the con for his upcoming birthday, which is too sweet and his reaction is adorable, jsyk. AND HE'S JUST ONE YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME, HOLY SHIT! Just, kjasd;lfasdkf TOM FELTON. ♥

Aside from that, reading the BSG recaps from Dragon*Con kind of warms my heart. I just love the entire cast, they seem so approachable and kind and really appreciative of the fans and really truly loved not just working on the show, but the show in general, which is why I adore them. Plus, PRETTY CAST IS PRETTY. It makes me kinda want to not only attend a SPN con in the near future but also a BSG con event at some point.
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