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Tru Calling 2x03 "In the Dark" Screencaps

Courtesy from our lovely pals at and from the folks in New Zealand, there is an episode review and screencaps from the unaired season two episode. For those that are waiting for FOX to air the episodes, don't hold your breath. It looks like they're bailing out on us -- again. But, Torrent has them for download if you'd like to catch up on Tru and her extremely drop handsome arch nemesis Jack and their adventures of Life and Death, in the literal sense.

Tru waking up in the morning, with cute smile

Harrison and Davis in shiny party hats!

Tru and Jack...somewhat a plotting point in a conversation perhaps?

Jack checking out leering at Tru

Ah, I cannot believe this show got axed! From what the description reads, this season was going to be the beginner of all those deceptions and lies and twisted plotlines -- which are now thickening as a mysterious woman enters the scene. Possible female nemesis for Tru, meant to steer her away from her friends and family? Or something else....

Hopefully there will be downloadable copies for something I can use so I'll be caught up without anticipating updates every now and again from the Tru Calling fanbase.
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