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This is for God and the gays!

++ I'm kinda loving fandom right now. Ever since the Supernatural season premiere there's been so much discussion with theories and meta and reviews, I'm not even paying attention to whatever wank that might be happening because of all the squee and excitement. I don't know why, but it's contagious. From the returning of my fandoms, along with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returning tonight (I believe), there's a big barrow of happy going about. And I am loving this feeling, not even fandom drama can ruin it at the moment.

++ mishaland is cracking my shit up right now, there is so much crack happening there I can't even begin to tell you. That is also why I am loving fandom. ♥

++ Kanye West is a fucking asshole for what he did to Taylor Swift last night, his "apology" afterward wasn't even better either. Just proving how much of a douchebag he really is. I'm glad he got thrown out from the VMAs and whatever awards he was getting was given to the runner ups. But, I will say that Beyonce is filled with so much class and and utmost respect for when she called Taylor up to give her acceptance speech once again the proper way. Taylor Swift deserved that moment, and I'm so happy that Beyonce gave her that chance. Much respect, girl, much respect. There will be shitstorms, which I'm sure has already started.

Besides that, I didn't watch the VMAs but only saw a few performances, I absolutely love Lady Gaga. Her performance was stellar, and her outrageous outfits are outstanding. Loved her acceptance speech too, "this is for God and the gays!" Pink was awesome, and Beyonce worked the crowd.

++ I...kinda love and am addicted and obsessed to Wizards of Waverly Place. Like, totally and utterly in love with the show. I have seen/downloaded all the currently aired episodes, have just finished watching the movie (that made me cry, not gonna lie, damn you Selena Gomez for breaking my heart into millions of pieces), and I'm hoping that season three starts soon because dammit, it's addicting and I WANTS MOAR! Also? *draws hearts around Justin/Alex* Because the siblingcest just happens on almost every other Disney Channel sitcom series, trufax.
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