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SPN: "Good God, Y'all!" Episode Review + Meta

Supernatural 5.02 "Good God, Y'all!"

A jumbled up call from the old former hunter Rufus leads the Winchester boys going to Colorado where there's a supposed demon holdup of a town. Roads are blocked off, the town is nearly deserted, seeming like everyone just vanished without a trace. They bump into Ellen Harvelle, who gives them the followup of what has been happening. Saying that Rufus had entered the town following leads of some omens, only to have an ambush of demons that raided and possessed nearly everyone in sight. Rufus and Jo are somewhere in the town after being separated from the rest, which Ellen has been keeping civilians of the town who aren't possessed safe. Sam and Dean try to figure out what is going on, only to find themselves bantering. Sam gets captured what he believes to be a possessed Rufus and possessed Jo, however something seems off. Dean discovers that the town isn't being possessed, it's actually a hallucination created by one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War. War uses his influence to create havoc amongst humans to go against each other in thinking the other are demons when they aren't. Sam and Dean convince Jo and Rufus and then stop War by taking the ring which was the source of his power, but it's certainly not the last we'll be seeing of the Four Horsemen.

Meanwhile Bobby is permanently stuck in a wheelchair at the hospital, and Castiel appears briefly as he announces that he is going on a quest to find God, who he believes is responsible for resurrecting him from destruction and saving the Winchesters from Lucifer's rise at the convent. However, he needs an amulet which may be the only indicator in finding God's presence, being Dean's amulet. Slightly reluctant at first, Dean finally gives Castiel his amulet. Later, after everything is said and done, Sam tells Dean that he doesn't trust himself either and decides to take a break from hunting. The end of the episode has Dean watching his younger brother take off.

Where will this leave the Winchesters now? How will Sam go about trying to get back in control despite the temptations he fears he'll be drawn back into? What will happen with Castiel and his journey in finding God? Many things are in store for these boys, and it's only the second episode.

Dean and Castiel and the Search for God

Although Castiel had only appeared in the beginning that one scene will remain the best scene in this episode, because of everything that was said and even not said between certain characters. The entire scene played out more beautifully than I could have ever imagined it would, even the SPACE promo which got me so excited for the episode didn't have me anticipating what we got. And it was good.

Castiel searching for God is something that I was slightly spoiled for before the episode aired, rather unintentionally by some random commenter on a post I ventured into, but in context to everything that's been happening with them all his quest makes sense. I know there's debates on whether God actually did bring them back, and the more we think about it the more obvious that it probably wasn't God that performed those miracles of resurrecting Castiel and saving the brothers, as it would be too easy and too early to reveal at this point. But it's so in character for Castiel because he lost everything. He has nobody to rely on, Heaven has cut him off, he's utterly alone except for Dean and his pure faith in God. The angry speech he gives Dean, getting into his personal space, is one of the most intense moments by far:
"I killed two angels this week. My brothers. I'm hunted, I rebelled, and I did it, ALL of it, for you. And you failed. You and your brother destroyed the world. And I lost everything, for nothing. So keep. Your opinions. To yourself."
These words coming from his mouth, speaking to Dean in that dangerously low growl, is perhaps the best thing to have ever been uttered by Castiel. These are words that needed to be said because it officially establishes all that Castiel has sacrificed for Dean, everything he's ever done has been for Dean. Proving once again his deep devotion for this human, who he has grown to admire and love and just utterly care for, despite everything. He sacrificed his entire world, Heaven, his home, killing his own kin, for Dean. We've all known this, just having it being stated outright on the show just further establishes it.

Plus, the fact that this is a complete parallel of the conversation they had back in episode 4.02 really makes this interaction even more worthwhile and squeeful. Dean denouncing God, not like before where he thought God didn't exist, because I do think he's considered the possibilities that perhaps there might be a God. But here he was clearly dissing about God actually caring about his creations, both human and angels alike, not being anywhere around to help or be seen. As soon as Dean makes his crack about it, Castiel immediately gets defensive, straightening himself up, clenching his jaw, and then goes for the final blow of approaching Dean dangerously, growling at him about keeping his opinions about God to himself. Because there is nothing more dangerous than insulting an angel's deep faith. Which, despite everything, Castiel still has.

That is another thing I loved about this scene. Castiel's faith. It's very different from all the other angels who clearly either have doubted God's existence or are rebelling about God in general and taking matters into their own hands. Instead, Castiel wants to find God for himself, to prove that his Father is out there somewhere because he believes in Him. I find this incredibly adorable. Whether or not God actually did bring them all back, his utter desperation in wanting truth, in clinging onto the very thing that is keeping him from falling entirely, aside from Dean of course, and getting defensive about it and wanting to protect this deep belief that God is actually out there somewhere, it's so cute and totally endearing and completely Castiel. ♥ I also consider this very symbolic to his character's journey, last season he struggled with the morality of his orders, now he's struggling with his faith and where he stands as he's been cast from Heaven, limited angelic powers, and being hunted by his fellow brothers and sisters, having only his faith in God and Dean beside him. Done correctly, this can be a great character development for him and I'm looking forward to this mission that he has set himself up for. So I don't think him saying "I'm going to find God" as something to be concerned that this is "GOD IS HERE Y'ALL!", it's more of his own belief that God did all this. Because, in Castiel's mind, who else could it have been? He knows no one else with that kind of power, so naturally he assumes it was God, and again that is just too adorable because of his strong faith in his Father. Awww, Cas.

As for the amulet, I've seen some thinking this is cheesy but I beg to differ. It wasn't fully explained how Dean's amulet could actually be the only artifact that can locate God, and I have a feeling we'll get more explanation later of why this is, especially since it originated from Bobby as a present for John but was given to Dean instead by Sam. Hopefully there'll be more to it, but honestly I think it's a sweet notion. Also, the scene itself is symbolic for the trusting relationship between Dean and Castiel, how reluctant and hesitant Dean is to handing it over at first, but does it anyway. Dean would never have done it with anyone else, but this is Castiel and they have this bond that is growing. He knows that he can trust this angel, and Castiel knows to be careful with the amulet that Dean treasures with his life. It's the definition of trust between these two and totally means they are going steady, as the next episode will be their first official date for sure

It's also symbolic to the separation of Sam and Dean, which doesn't necessarily mean that Castiel is replacing Sam by any means, but I'll get into that in a moment.

Everything about this beginning scene, while brief it had a lot of vital moments between Castiel and his relationship with Dean, and just interacting with Sam and Bobby in the same scene, in the same room nonetheless is absolutely wonderful to see. I mean, I can go on and on gushing about how I enjoyed seeing Bobby bitching at Castiel about not having the ability to heal him and Castiel looking all anxious about finding God, of having that innocence when answering Dean's curiosity, his fierceness and showing us once again that he is an angel and, while semi-powerless, can still be hardcore and dangerous, even to Dean. And just, everything about this scene was spectacularly glorious and amazing in every single way.

I am looking forward to more of Castiel and his mission (which I believe is his mission as spoiler reports that I hadn't read were about, correct?)

The Winchester Brothers Breakup

I knew immediately once the ending that had Sam and Dean parting ways that there would be wankfest from either Sam!girls or the SamNDean fangirls that insist that the boys stay together no matter what, thus blame Misha/Castiel for intruding in their relationship and breaking them apart. I mean, this is the Supernatural fandom for Christ's sakes, if there isn't drama about one thing it's about something else. And oh, the delicious wank this is causing is just hilarious and I am laughing at anyone that is bitching and moaning about it.

First of all, let's take a step back, breathe and take the situation into perspective, which may be a hard concept for some but trust me, it makes things so much better.

Having the brothers go on different paths separately is an absolutely necessary direction for them to take, in fact it's helping their relationship which has already been crumbling since last season. They cannot simply keep going the route they've always taken, and as someone mentioned earlier having them part is probably the smartest and healthiest decision they could have made. Also, notice that this breakup wasn't at all resulted from anger and bitterness or shouting or yelling like last season? They are both on the same page, they both understand what is happening between them and come to the mutual decision of having space from each other. The boys are growing up, both of them respectively because Sam is admitting he has a problem and cannot trust himself and Dean is actually doing things for himself, making the calls and not chasing after his brother, putting the job before Sam which may seem odd but I agree with him. He hasn't been able to act properly on the job while worrying that his brother is going to go off the deep end. They are dealing with the motherfucking Apocalypse, there is no time to coddle each other with endless apologizes. Dean knows that Sam is sorry, but actions speak louder than words. Dean seeing Sam in the sports store in the episode, with the knife and the blood on his hands spoke louder than words ever could about where Sam's headspace is right then.

Also, as much as I do love Sam, he has to learn from his actions. He has to suffer the consequences because it really is because of his choices and the path he took all last season that brought him to where he is now. He can't turn to his brother, he's an adult. He has to take time to figure shit out for himself, and Dean can't always be there. And you know what? I LOVE KRIPKE FOR DOING THIS. It's realistic, it's raw and emotional and makes their relationship more real, because just bouncing back from everything that's happened between them would be a lame cop-out. So yeah, this rift is absolutely necessary.

Besides, it's not like they are separating forever or that Castiel is taking Sam's place. CASTIEL IS NOT IN ANY PART OF THIS EQUATION, AT ALL. Anyone that thinks that is clearly delusional and making irrational calls just because it will no longer be "The Sam and Dean Show". It has been and always will remain about the brothers, but they are at an obstacle right now that they have to overcome. It will take some time but trust me, them being separated will only have them come back together stronger and healthier as a family, their bonds linked more closely and repair the damage that has been done.

Nothing has been ruined. They both need this, and as heartbreaking as it is Dean is right. They aren't the same anymore, and so it's about time they try to space each other out and make amends by creating a new relationship with each other.

In short: whiners to the left, Kripke is awesome.

Memorable Moments from the Episode:


++ Just watching Castiel strut through the hospital hall like a BAMF merely had me smiling with glee. With the trenchcoat swooshing behind him. Tyra would have said that he's making his own wind machine, and being an angel I have no doubt he can do that without walking. He is just that badass. That, and seeing him speaking with all three of the boys (Sam, Dean and Bobby) had me squeeing because he only just spoke either Dean mostly last season, with a little Sam on the side. But now? He's interacting with more humans! God, I love this.

++ CASTIEL ALL GROWLY AND GETTING DEFENSIVE ABOUT HIS FAITH = PANTIES GO S'PLODEY. Castiel should do that all the time, or at least when necessary. Which is all the time. Because HOT DAMN.

++ Misha was extra pretty in this episode. If that's even possible. *___*

++ Bobby in a wheelchair makes me sad, though it's a nice obstacle for him too. I just hope he isn't that bitter crippled man. We already have Greggory House for that, Bobby. At least be badass in a wheelchair, with a shotgun. That would be awesome.

++ The Enochian sigils via x-ray was awesome. Way cool, and I loved not only is Dean curious as to what Castiel carved onto their ribs, but the continuity of showing us, the audience, that it wasn't just some ploy to have the boys not be stalked by Zachariah and his posse every five minutes. That, and another continuity yay was for Castiel to call to ask where the boys were instead of actually popping in unexpectedly. Because of his power limitations. Awesome. I love this show.

++ Dean giving Castiel his Samulet (that's what people are calling it?), that totally is the exchanging of relationship status amirite? Next episode will be their first date. I want Castiel to wear it. ♥

++ Episode title = MAJOR LULZ. XDDDD

++ THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE MOTHERFUCKING APOCALYPSE!!!! War was absolutely awesome, and I truly hope that he isn't gone forever. He was amazing, and I love that they left the door open for him and the other three to appear later at some point. Because this is HUGE in biblical terms of the Revelation. Zachariah wasn't kidding about it all being unleashed, but I bet he's having a blast seeing humanity turn on each other though. Heh. Anyway, this was way better than what they tried to do with the Seven Deadly Sins from season three. Way better, because it's APOCALYPTIC SHIT and I love it. It's classic End of the World stuff happening, with the SPN twist (War riding in a red car? HOLY SHIT AWESOME!)

++ THE HARVELLE WOMEN ARE BACK BIATCHES, HELLS YEAH! I missed Ellen and Jo so fucking much, fuck anyone that hated them. I loved the continuity of bringing them back. Ellen is fucking hardcore. Jo kicked ass, too. Mother and daughter hunting together, I totally called this in my fanon universe. Love it being featured on the show. ♥ ♥

++ How many times does Dean have to get splashed with holy water? LOL

++ RUFUS!!! Being a cranky badass is made of win. I loved him saying in the end "I am getting too old for this" and then ripping the gun from that boy's hands. OMG ILU RUFUS! Bitter old man that you are. XDDD

++ The twist created by War, where there really wasn't any demons at all but was all an illusion so humanity could turn against one another out of fear and hatred and panic? I love it, it's so dark and it really does make you think, doesn't it? I also kept thinking what head!Six said in BSG: "If there's one thing we know about human beings with certainty...they are masters at self-destruction." Which is frighteningly true. What better way to end the world than by not pure evil or demons or a holy war between Heaven and Hell and God and Lucifer, but by ourselves? That's some scary shit right there.

++ SITING: Did anyone else see that when Sam stabbed the two teenagers that he thought were possessed, the knife didn't glow as it usually did when it kills a demon? That should have been the first indicator that something was wrong. Also, Sam eying the blood -- it being normal human blood instead of demon blood, is Sam just addicted to blood in general?

++ DEVELOPMENT: Dean going for planning what to do next instead of chasing after Sam. He really is maturing and rising up from where he was before, thinking of the larger picture instead of just the minor things, even if it is his brother. Sam can take care of himself, he doesn't need his big brother to help him. Again, they are both separating for a reason, this is one of them. ALSO, notice Dean figuring shit out without Sam there, understanding this is Revelation related and going for the Bible and picking out the passage. Now, one would ask how would Dean know what to look for? He's not stupid, he knows how to piece things together. Especially since in the past year or so he has been researching things about angels and prophecies and whatnot. I HAVE NO DOUBT DEAN WOULD DO THIS, SINCE HE IS CONNECTED TO IT ALL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! HE QUOTED SCRIPTURE FOR GOODNESS SAKES! That should make Castiel proud.

++ ENDING: Sad as it is, as I wrote above Sam and Dean going separate ways is necessary. I am happy they are doing this and it's really showing the development of their relationship, while it's broken now it'll be repaired later. I love it.

++ Love all the lines from tonight, many lulz to be had. DEAN REFERENCED LORD OF THE RINGS! XD

++ Also, the scenery in this episode was absolutely gorgeous. Just saying, beautiful shots. Particularly the last once with Sam and Dean sitting on the picnic bench.


Overall: I really loved this episode, it was absolutely amazing. Going for the darker turn of things, showing that the Apocalypse is truly here, that they aren't fucking around, is awesome. The fact that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are featured means we'll be seeing more of them, I'm hoping. Having old characters from previous seasons reappear again is great, and these are recurring characters that I love. So, yay. Also, they didn't die. So far two episodes into the season, no females or POC have been killed. Those really concerned about those statistics should really be happy, except there's the brother wank happening which, of course, being Supernatural fandom there has to be SOMETHING to bitch about. Oh well, still doesn't ruin how amazing this episode was. I, of course, loved seeing Castiel being a BAMF and just cute and amazing as always, and seeing the boys at odds ends and the hunting job was spectacular. Just, everything. This season is off to an amazing start. ♥

Next episode, Dean and Castiel go on their first date together and Castiel rides shotgun. Oh, and Jessica reappears and Sam meets Lucifer. DUN DUN DUN! Should be epic fun! :DD

Let the wankfest in fandom begin! *grabs popcorn and front row seats to the batshittery*
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