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A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket

++ Sendhil Ramamurthy should do comedies more often. After Friday's Psych and his video blog piece promoting a movie he doesn't appear in, it's so obvious that he should just do something in the comedy-line of work. Perhaps he should go on How I Met Your Mother or something similar to that. Maybe he and Zachary Quinto and Nathan Fillion and Misha Collins should get together and do something hilarious . How awesome would that be?!

++ Saw Eliza Dushku's movie Open Graves last night when it aired on SciFi, and hoo-boy was it horrible. So very, very horribly bad. The only decent thing about it was Eliza, of course, otherwise I swear I could have had a better time watching paint dry. It makes Soul Survivors and Wrong Turn look like masterpieces, I am so not joking. It was that bad. But I had to watch it because it had Eliza. Oh bb, the things I do for you.

But all wasn't lost, because I saw a very short Caprica teaser for the series. \o/

++ Like most I watched the SPN 5.03 spoiler clip and quite frankly, I loved it. I know there are some Dean/Castiel fans that are uncertain how to take what happened in this clip, but I've determined a few things after rewatching it:
01. Dean is going to make sure that Castiel doesn't die, I'm certain of this. Even if his attitude seemed more or less the "oh you'll die by tomorrow, sucks dude" that's just the Dean Winchester front. Of course we don't know anything in context of what is happening so maybe he had this freakout prior or whatever. But if there's anything Dean does, is not let his angel get threatened to be killed. Not after all what Castiel has done for him, this would be the perfect episode for Dean to see how precious and valuable Castiel is to him.

02. I view Castiel's reaction to the talking about sex more of an embarrassment on his behalf that they're having this conversation than embarrassed that he never had sex before. He's becoming more and more human with his emotional reactions that his awkward looks and fidgeting may indicate that he just does not feel comfortable talking about something like that with Dean. His "I never had the occasion" comment I think was more focused on the fact that being an angel he couldn't do so.

03. Besides which, aside from the blatant slashy innuendo ("special oil"? "Bert and Ernie are gay?" Castiel following Dean?) I highly doubt anything will happen unless it is Dean that deflowers Castiel. I view this episode as something like The Bro Episode between them, establishing that they are teaming up as equals and confidants instead of just mere man and angel having business transactions. Dean attempting to pimp Castiel out will not end in him losing his innocence and purity. Lord, I hope not, because we DO NOT want a repeat of the lame sex shit like last season. No, we do not. No, this episode is more about the growing bond between Dean and Castiel and this is just Dean's way of doing what he does best. But it will backfire because really, what doesn't?
And that's that. I understand the worries a bit, but again the SUBTEXT between them is all that we need. And this episode will have tons of Dean/Castiel scenes just for that. Which I cannot wait for.

Besides, I think there's fanfic of this scene, and more than one. I've read several that had the exact same concept with Dean and Castiel. Oh Kripke, you sneaky bastard, you've been trolling fandom!

++ I've been meaning to do a recommendations post, which I may write up later. But here is something I have to rec out today, because it's simply fantastic:

"Chosen", created by k9lover27 (music video)
For those who love Draco Malfoy, you'll enjoy this fanmade video which illustrates perfectly the conflicts and turmoil he suffers through HBP. The way it was edited with the music, the scenes, the voiceovers, it's really very excellent. I found this just the other day and fell in love. It does an nice job with placing the mood for my poor Draco and what he goes through. ♥
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