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"I remember everything..."

I'm still in the middle of writing up my review/meta for Supernatural, which is taking longer than I thought without going into massive flailing. However tonight was the return of Dollhouse with its second season premiere, and I just thought I'd mention a few things about it.

Dollhouse 2.01 "Vows"

First of all, Joss Whedon rocks so hard I can't even begin to tell you. Dollhouse got a miraculous renewal, something I am deeply happy about despite having TSCC canceled, and even with a lower budget this go around it pretty is much the same show. Except this time it's done correctly without FOX interrupting Joss and his creativity. You could definitely tell it had a different look to the Dollhouse in general; it was a bit more darker, I think, in terms of tinting of the color. A grittiness which matches the mood of things, particularly where the characters are. The scenes weren't filmed all glossy-like, the camera work was a but jarred. Again, lowered budget but it's still the same setting. Just done differently, and you know what? I like it. It gives off a different mood for what is in store for these characters and what is to come.

I think the highlight of this premiere was definitely Dr. Saunders. Amy Acker acting the hell out of her scenes, especially with Topher. Her taunting him, playing with his mind, perhaps in a way for him to understand what it's like? What he created since she now knows that she's actually an imprinted doll (and it appears others know too, like Boyd). It's just so sad watching her going through the motions, having these questions and thoughts in her mind now that she's discovered she's not really real, just an imprint. This self-awareness is a progression that Echo is going towards, in a way. But seeing her breakdown like that, it's so devastating I don't even know. I felt for her entirely.

Also, that part about her not wanting to die? Incredible. Amazingly written and really, it makes sense. She knows that what she thinks is real, but discovering she's someone else does that mean she'll have to die so whatever original self the body is can continue to live? That is just so tragic and heartbreaking, and just, gah.

Topher. Oh, my poor Topher. It's interesting since when Dollhouse first premiered I wasn't too keen on him, but after seeing his character progress and especially seeing what he'll turn into after watching "Epitaph One", just watching him in this episode had my heart breaking all over again. When he said "I know what I know"? I was about to cry. :((( And that's where he sleeps, just a small little space and on the floor? Oh man.

Oh Topher. Oh Whiskey. You two are so broken, my heart aches for you. :(((

VICTOR'S FACE IS NEARLY FIXED! \O/ I had wondered how they were going to deal with that, of course seeing the future we know that it must've been highly expensive and more or less of higher ups dealing with such things. I do want Claire's face to be fixed too, but she considers that part of herself now. She doesn't want to be seen like the others, and again. Sad.


Adelle got a haircut. Me likey. ♥

IVY! ♥ ♥ ♥ I was loling so hard at her conversation with Sierra's imprint, with the "oriental" comment. Oh, the irony.


Jamie is a lucky man, having those delicious scenes with Eliza. And likewise with Eliza, having to make out with Jamie Bamber, with him using his normal accent which I am like, rawr. Also, Apollo and Helo together again. Fighting and being hot while doing so. I think my screen nearly exploded from all the hotness of Jamie, Eliza and Tahmoh.

But the way, the action/fighting scenes were off the hook. In any Joss Whedon show they never skimp on good fighting scenes, and they make it look realistic instead of the fake-punching that happens in shows. It's all intense and complicated and I love it.

I love Echo. I love her so much and the fact that she's becoming more and more self-aware of the fact that she is a doll, that she understands that she has had many personalities placed into her, that she remembers them, is just fantastic. I think I'm slightly puzzled at those that hate on her or like Echo the least because quite frankly, I think she kicks ass (it could be people just don't like Eliza, which that is also another thing I don't understand, but whatever). She is at the brink of fully understanding that not everything is right within the Dollhouse, that she isn't herself, that something is missing. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Paul/Echo team. Love them. Why? Because it had been my wish that somehow they would partner together and figure out the mystery surrounding the Dollhouse or, more importantly, what is controlling the Dollhouse. Do I want them to get together romantically? Not Echo and Paul, but I do think that Caroline and Paul might at some point once she regains her original personality back. Although from the future we saw, it doesn't seem likely that they'll last. But having that partnership and trust is definitely going to happen, and I am enthusiastic and can't wait.

Eliza was amazing in this episode. That wedding gown looked absolutely gorgeous, as did her hair, and I loved it when Echo was glitching, switching from one personality to the other and Paul figuring out what was happening. I am so glad that he is her new handler now. It was a given, obviously, but it was lovely to see that they will be secretly working together. Like it was shown in the future episode. Awesome.

Overall, this was a nice blend of balancing out the engagement and what is happening at the Dollhouse, and I am thankful they are balancing it out. I do enjoy the engagements but it's been said this season will be more about the plot of things within the Dollhouse and less about single episode engagements. That is another development I am going to love about season two.

I am so happy that this show is back, and even happier that FOX is not going to be intruding like how they did last season. I trust Joss in the direction he's going with everything, and from the unaired episode to this premiere I am anticipating more especially for what's in store for these characters and their stories. So, yay, Dollhouse is back! \o/
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