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SPN: "Free To Be You And Me" Episode Review + Meta

First thing's first, want to say a warm hello and welcome to all my newly made friends from the Castiel Is Just As Good As Any Winchester Friending Meme! Which, anyone that loves our precious angel and wants new friends to squee with, I suggest participating in that friending meme. Castiel needs all our love.

Finished my review/meta for Thursday's episode. It's a bit sporadic with my thoughts than my previous reviews, but it's finally written. That's all that matters to me at the moment.

Supernatural 5.03 "Free To Be You And Me"

First of all, can we just say most epic fanservicey episode ever?! Seriously Kripke, I fucking love you for this. ♥

In his quest for God, Castiel asks for Dean's help in finding Raphael, the archangel that killed him, and interrogate him for information regarding God's location. Together they team up on this mission, realizing that Castiel's life may be in danger if Raphael decides to kill him once again. It turns into a mission/bro's night out between the two as certain hilarity ensues, finding more companionship in their time together than merely a hunting job of sorts, definitely a "free to be you and me" bonding between the two. But when they finally do trap Raphael, he gives startling revelations to Castiel that Heaven believes that God is dead, and that it might as well have been Lucifer himself that brought Castiel back from death, recruiting all rebellious angels to his side. Castiel is then left feeling almost jaded by this news the archangel gave him, but is reassured of his faith by Dean, who tells him that he needs to continue searching for God if he truly believes in his heart and soul that He is still out there somewhere.

Meanwhile, Sam tries his hardest on giving up his old ways, rejuvenating, but ends up having his destiny catching up with him, interrupting the calm he set for his time away from his brother. And he gets a surprise visitor, Jessica who actually is an illusion by Lucifer, who reveals himself to Sam in the end, giving him yet another revelation: Sam is actually Lucifer's true vessel. This leaves Sam in grave devastation and shock.

Filled with much fanservice glee and squeeage, this is turning out to be the best season of all the Supernatural seasons thus far.

Dean and Castiel: The Bro Code Between Man and Angel (or The Most Epically Epic OTP That Ever Was)

There is no denying that this episode was primarily for all the Dean and Castiel moments, ever since the previews and the spoiler clips we knew this was going to be mostly all about them and their time hunting and solving mysteries and going on missions together. Whether one ships them together or not, it is impossible to say they have no chemistry or they don't care about each other. I mean it's clearly evident that they do. One would have to be blind to not see that. From Castiel going to Dean for help, Dean agreeing, them hunting together, having a “bros night out” if you will, enjoying each other’s company, being protective of one another, the reassurance of faith, and so on. If anything, this episode placed a solid establishment to their growing bond, which started since last season but this is clear evidence they are no longer on opposing side of just man and angel doing business transactions.

I could go into massive detail of each individual scene with them, how I adored all their tiny moments and quirks, but nearly everyone has done this already. What I appreciated most about this episode though, was us, the audience, witnessing the evolution and development of not only their growing bond with each other but also seeing them becoming their own person; being individuals, finding their own paths and enjoying each other’s company while they’re at it.

This is about finding friendship, someone to trust without secrets, to be completely themselves without all the pressure of their jobs. And that is something I have been wishing to happen since last season – and I am happy they gradually worked to this point, because it was glorious.

And this is creating some kerfluffle in fandom, as expected because fandom is so predictable with their reactions. It’s sad, but true.

First of all, let me just say that Dean hanging out with Castiel is not replacing Sam. Anyone that says otherwise or claims that the show is forgetting about the Winchester brothers are being ridiculous and on the defensive too much (again, this is fandom, overreaction and missing the point of the situation is placed on default to some). Dean admitting that he’s never had that much fun in years isn’t suggesting he hasn’t had fun with his brother at all, only most recently. He still misses his brother; the opening montage paints that clear picture he’d rather have his Sammy back. But the Sammy he knew, not the Sammy that we’ve been seeing over the last season. Hence them taking time apart. Castiel is not taking away Dean’s love for his brother – in fact, it was Castiel that brought up Sam twice in this episode; he actually acknowledged Sam’s absence in the very beginning of the episode, for Christ’s sakes.

Let’s backtrack for a second here. Dean hasn’t been happy, and I mean truly happy, for a long time. He spent forty years in Hell, and while only four months in our time the memories of those forty years still linger in Dean’s mind. Also, he was suffering through not only that personal turmoil but both the brothers were at odds ends with each other, as well. So while a part of him is in denial, as that is Dean’s defense mechanism, it’s also partially true because he truly hasn’t felt that kind of happiness and freedom in a long, long time, even with his brother at his side. Dean finds this comfort with Castiel because he knows Castiel, they’ve been through much since they’ve met and this angel has proven himself numerous of times that everything he does has been for Dean, and he knows wholeheartedly that Castiel is telling him the truth and won’t turn his back on him.

Is there something wrong with Dean finding a friend outside of his brother? Has Dean ever had someone this close to him that he could confide in and trust with his life? No, and quite frankly, this is why I enjoy having the brothers apart because it allows them to breathe fresh air; to be around different people, to figure themselves.

Really. How hard is this to figure out, you guys? Seriously.

In any case, this episode is what I predicted it would be – the Totally Awesome and Epic Bonding Episode. Giving us the budding friendship between Dean and his angel as they go off on this mission, do normal cases and have some time together, smiling and laughing and having each other’s back. It was all so perfect and well done. Even with the brothel scene, it was showing us that Dean was trying to have Castiel be in his world much like how Castiel has been doing to him since day one, and it completely backfired but Dean didn’t care because he actually enjoyed his time with his angel. The both of them just hanging out, letting go of the tension and pressures of their jobs for a little while. It’s refreshing to see, and it’s healthy that Dean is actually going out instead of brooding around or dwelling over his brother.

It's also healthy for Castiel, too. The last scene with them in the Impala after their encounter with Raphael, Dean is consoling him and comparing their daddy issues and letting Castiel know that he shouldn't give up, he shouldn't lose hope or his faith in believing that God is somewhere out there in the universe. It's not that Dean believes in God – he might acknowledge it, but he doesn't have that faith, nevertheless he knows that Castiel does and is willing to give him that comforting advice and convince him into continuing his mission by following his heart, what he truly believes is right. That, by far, is the sweetest thing that Dean has done for Castiel, because we could see him mulling over this information as Raphael was telling him things that could have destroyed his faith entirely. He was crumbling, and Dean doesn't want Castiel to crumble, not now, not after everything. They are both needing each other right now, and I love seeing that they are so comfortable with each other to just be themselves around one another.

What's more is how much they are rubbing off each other. Castiel is starting to become more and more humanized with each passing day, his expressions and reactions alone justify this. I mean, him actually using profanity twice in this episode, pretty much towards a motherfucking archangel no less? Oh man, that is fierce and badass. Dean is totally influencing him. I love it.

Yeah. Again, I could go on but I think I covered almost every single aspect of why I loved this episode mainly for these Dean/Castiel moments. It was beautiful, it was perfect and I don’t think I could have imagined anything else.

Besides, most of their scenes were things I’ve seen from fanfics, and just having that fanservice is frakking awesome, to tell the truth. Not going to lie.

Sam Winchester and Lucifer's Big Revelation

I’m actually kind of glad that there was a balance between the Dean and Sam scenes, from the opening montage of syncing up what they’re doing, from the hunting to the domesticated settings, it was very well organized and put together.

I don’t have much to say about what happened in regards to the hunters in this episode, it was more of a plot device of Sam having his unfortunate destiny following him wherever he goes. It also makes it a hard reality for him because he has tried time and again to have a normal life, or at least attempt at one, but it always ends up failing. He does admit that he’s not pretending to be normal; he’s only trying to get better by distracting himself from the hunting scene. But that’s biting him in the ass.

But this does rise an interesting point with any particular hunter that learns about Sam’s involvement in everything. Much like Gordon once learning about Sam’s psychic abilities, he went hunting for him. These hunters then are looking for Sam for answers, tempting him with demon blood to get him to hulk out once again for their own gain. Now it’s not just angels and demons hunting Sam, it may very well be other hunters too, especially those who are more unforgiving because of his very nature of having been tainted with demon blood and what he managed to do all last season. It’s horrific to really think that there is no other path than the one that has been predestined to you since you were only an infant.

Sam is Lucifer’s true vessel, not Nick. This wasn’t horribly surprising since we all were predicting this since like last season. But Nick was merely a red herring, and I love this direction we’re taking – and I loved how the last scene with Sam and Lucifer played out. It was haunting, it was terrifying, but there was also that sympathetic streak going on.

Lucifer needs permission, being an angel and all. He is definitely playing the sympathy angle, but this line is so calmly menacing and frightening:
"I will never lie to you. I will never trick you – but you will say yes to me."
I believe him. How can you not? The question still remains though, does Sam? Will Sam tell Dean this news about him being Lucifer’s true vessel? With him learning and growing from his past mistakes you’d think this would be the first thing he does in telling his brother immediately about this incident. Or do you think he’ll be too scared, that involving his brother would mean placing his brother in danger? Will Sam make those same mistakes again by going at this alone?

I absolutely adore this direction the show is taking in regards to the brothers being chosen vessels of two very powerful celestial beings, of having always been on this path in revelation to their destinies. And obviously, they won’t give their consent, and quite frankly I like the thought that the brothers will hold their ground and refuse any kind of consent, giving the angels a huge “fuck you” and handle this Apocalypse differently than how it was intended.

But honestly? I kind of like the idea of a brother versus brother showdown. I had wanted this since like, last season. A huge battle confrontation between Sam and Dean, something that was initiated by this war and it me chills of anticipation. How all of this will play out, if they are going to be forced to consent or whatever, I am looking forward to seeing it. And with this being the final season as I’m thinking it will be, what else for the show to go out with a big bang like this? Seriously. So fucking awesome.

God Is Dead...Or Is He?

Raphael gave the other startling revelation in this episode, with him telling Castiel during his interrogation that God is dead, and the possibility of his resurrection was probably by Lucifer because of his release, he wants to call back all rebelling angels that defied Heaven and to join his side. Castiel was close to believing this to be true, seeing his crestfallen expression, and he would have if Dean hadn’t interjected with giving him more confidence that perhaps Raphael was lying and bullshitting them.

Quite frankly, I do think Raphael was lying, or at least giving his own speculations for what is happening because really, the angels don’t really know. They are giving their own interpretations of what is occurring, as some angels hardly were in "the know" of what Heaven was truly planning. Perhaps some have given into such a conclusion that God may very well be gone.

Though Raphael was badass and hardcore, like whoa, there was also a bit of sympathizing when he was talking about Heaven and the nonexistence of God. About how all in Heaven are tired, exhausted of waiting around with no real leader, with no clear orders from an Almighty, of possibly living underneath an entire lie – and wanting Paradise on Earth, hence wanting the Apocalypse to happen so they can have their Paradise, so everything can be just as the angels want it to be. You could tell that these angels are just tired of waiting around and want to do something about it, instead of waiting for whatever higher chain of command that may very well be a pipe dream. It’s actually sad and devastating that even archangels, the fiercest of Heaven’s army, doubt God. Only Castiel has full belief anymore, and while I am happy for him it’s still sad.

Definite His Dark Materials paralleling happening here, which I like because it adds the complexity of what is happening in Heaven and where some of the angels stand, but I also want more angels like Castiel to be featured, to not give up having faith in their Father despite all that is happening. What about the supposed four angels that have seen God’s true form? Wouldn’t that be the second kind of mission if Castiel were to find where God is, to locate where those other four angels (if still alive, that is) are for definitive answers? Or was that just something Heaven claimed to keep the other angels in line? I wouldn’t doubt they would do that, but still you never know.

I also like both possibilities of either God or Lucifer having resurrected Castiel, as well as saving the boys (especially since Sam is Lucifer’s true vessel, he would want to save him and thank him when he got the chance). But it’s all up in the air for right now. I doubt that Lucifer had anything to do with Castiel’s resurrection, and it would be devastating for him if that were the cold hard truth. He already looked shattered by the very thought of it. But if Lucifer could do that, would that mean he could resurrect all other angels that rebelled and died, a.k.a. Uriel for example? That would be interesting, indeed.

For the show itself, I don’t want God to be dead, but I don’t want God to be personified either. I’ve heard arguments that if they bring in Lucifer they have to bring in God, and they have for the latter part, but only in discussion.

I want God to be purely a metaphysical presence, a presence that is everywhere and cannot interfere with the natural order of things, but does have plans for every single one of His creations. I do truly believe, ever since last season, that everything that has happened is for a reason and a purpose. It’s interesting when Raphael was mentioning the 20th Century, how everything went downhill and believes that the 21st isn’t going to be any better – because all other centuries there have been horrific events there, too. History repeats itself, mankind’s true nature always asserts itself; being angels they should know this...but maybe that is why they want to take control for once.

I may have more meta regarding the presence and faith of God in Supernatural, but I just felt like I should mention this because faith and belief in something, not necessarily in a particular deity, is very strong in this show. Whether it's faith in oneself, in family, in friendship, in the resilience of humanity, whatever. So, yeah.

Memorable Moments From The Episode:

++ Jared Padalecki shirtless being the first things we see, definite fanservice right there. Though did anyone else notice that the protection sigil tattoo has moved slightly from where it was, or am I imagining things? Also, JESSICA! Despite her not really being Jessica, as revealed in the end that it was Lucifer projecting that image in Sam's dream (I TOTES CALLED IT!), I still love Sam/Jessica, like so fucking much. They are love. ♥

++ Opening montage was so awesome! I loved interweaving the boys taking on their separate lives. Sam trying to have a normal job that isn’t hunting, Dean going off by himself without his brother; the cleaning up of the tables and Dean wiping off his baby from the vampire he just killed, nicely done. I loved it.

++ “EAT IT, TWILIGHT!” BEST SLAM OF THE TWATLIGHT SERIES! ILU DEAN. NO, WAIT, I LOVE YOU SHOW FOR DISSING TWILIGHT! BWAHAHA! It does make you wonder if Dean has actually tried reading about the books or has heard about them and makes a disgusted face with the “Vampires that sparkle? Really?” Does it make me a bad person to want Dean to decapitate Edward’s head? No? Okay, just checking, because you know he totally would instantly.

++ PERSONAL SPACE, WHAT PERSONAL SPACE?! XD I do like that they’ve had private conversations about the personal space issue – which really isn’t an issue, at least to me, because the closer the better. Hee.

++ I love how Castiel is concerned that Sam is not there. SEE FANDOM, HE CARES ABOUT THE BROTHERS. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

++ LOL Dean making pop culture references and Castiel not getting them, his frowny-confused face is too adorable, as is Dean’s mental facepalm.

++ Awww, Castiel saying “please” for Dean to help him. ♥ ♥

++ “Last time you zapped me somewhere, I didn’t poop for a week.” LOL DEAN HAS THE BEST LINES THIS EPISODE! And Castiel’s expression was lolarious.

++ Okay, I really liked that Lindsay girl. The actress was great in that role, and I’m looking at people’s reactions and, of course, they’re all like dismissive of her the second she appeared on the screen. This episode was about the boys being separated but also trying to find new ground in their different paths, and that means making friends. I can definitely see Lindsay being a female pal to him, even if he lies to her about who he really is (which, Keith? Really Sam? LOL) Besides, she was more of a beacon of hope because she’s three years sober but works at a bar – this could be a silver lining to Sam that when he has that kind of willpower over the temptations, he can return to hunting again without it being distracting.




++ Castiel is the lousiest fake FBI agent ever, totally not subtle at all. “Angels and demons” I was half expecting Dean to make an Angels and Demons reference, but alas it didn’t come. JUST THIS SCENE IS TOO MUCH, OMG THE ADORABLENESS!

++ “Is that what’s going to happen to me when Michael jumps my bones” “It’ll be worse” D: GEE THANKS CAS, VERY REASSURING THERE. But I doubt that Castiel wants Dean to be taken over by Michael just as Dean doesn’t want to be, and I think if anything he’ll want to prevent him from consenting to anything of that sort.



++ I’m kind of wondering though – since last season we were giving details that Heaven doesn’t allow such practices, or maybe it is rather impossible for angels to fornicate. Anna had wanted to become human to experience those simple pleasures of life that angels could not have. Is the show retconning this information now? On one hand, I would be happy if we forgot everything to do with the Anna Milton storyline, as I already want to forget she ever existed to begin with; however that would mean that everything we learned about angels so far would have been misled, and I would rather have that mythology stay because it does make sense. Then again hardly know much about Heaven itself other than perceptions and that the majority of the angels are douchebags that just want things the way they see fit.

So...I’m thinking that was just Dean being Dean, thinking about booze and sex when faced in times of crisis, and maybe it slipped his mind about that kind of stuff. He wanted for Castiel to get out of that place, to experience life like he does. So, yeah, that’s what I think.

++ WHOREHOUSE OMG. Truthfully I was a bit nervous of how they were to handle this scene, because I don’t want Castiel’s purity and innocence to be taken from him. But this entire scene was…too funny to even forget. It’s overplayed in that ridiculous kind of situation because honestly, can you really see Castiel in this kind of environment? Absolutely not. But the fact that Castiel SHOULD NOT be there at all just makes this scene so hilarious and perfect, because it is just so perfect when bringing a freaking ANGEL OF THE LORD to a WHOREHOUSE JOINT. Really, truly brilliant scene.

++ "This is a den of inequity. I shouldn't be here." Which is true, but I can't help but LOL. Oh, Cas, never change bb. XDDD


++ I can't help but think: CASTIEL IS AFRAID OF BOOBIES! XDDDD

++ Castiel having freaked the girl out by reading her mind, seeing inside of her and just, yeah. That was also perfect. That was so Castiel, I nearly cried laughing because he seemed so unconcerned about the lacking of sex and more perplexed about what he did wrong in saying what was so obvious to him. He was just reassuring her and just, oh man. That was priceless shit and so adorable and endearing of him and just, yeah.


++ CASTIEL SPEAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! Was it Latin? Enochian? Arabic? Something else ancient that cannot be identified? Whatever it was, it was absolutely frightening and chilling and I think he almost set my panties on fire because of it. Because this was also something else many, many countless fanfics have envisioned happening. I LOVED how he leaned in close to the vessel’s ears and just, the way it was filmed.

++ “I’m here, Raphael. Come and get me, you bastard.” THIS MADE ME FLAIL LIKE A FLAILY THING! \o/


++ Castiel is all terrified but standing his ground, and Dean goes directly for the sarcasm. Never change, you two.

++ “It was his idea.” LOL DEAN YOU SOLD CAS OUT, LOL.

++ Castiel looks so devastated by what Raphael said, I wanted to hug him right there.

++ “But today you’re my little bitch” CASTIEL SWORE, AGAIN! I honestly don’t understand why people are bitching about Castiel using profanity. I think it’s awesome, and I mean seriously. He is slowly becoming more human, embracing the emotions he’s feelings having rebelled and following down this path, and being influenced by Dean. It makes for great comebacks. It’s not like he’ll lose his innocence because of cursing, my goodness. IT’S HOT OKAY PEOPLE, OUR LITTLE ANGEL IS GROWING UP AND I LOVE SEEING IT. AND DEAN APPROVES, OKAY?!

++ The scene in the Impala was touching and endearing. Another meaningful moment between the two of them. Dean comparing their daddy issues, the John/God parallels. So intimate and raw and just, yeah. Their love is so true, y/y?


++ Sam/Lucifer now, yes?

Overall: Brilliantly fantastic and amazing episode. Going to call it one of my favorite episodes so far this season, and yes it provided everything to everyone from all sides. From having the Sam scenes and the Dean/Castiel scenes, to the fanservicing in the writing and the scenes and the dialogue, to the outcome of certain situations – I classify this episode as absolutely perfect. It was a mixture of dark shit involving Lucifer and Raphael and hilarity with the Bro Codeness of Dean/Castiel’s hilarious adventure in spending some quality time together. This was definitely a "free to be you and me" episode; Sam and Dean were allowed to be themselves, at least for a little while. Dean and Castiel were allowed to be themselves, especially around each other without the fear of pushign the wrong buttons. Plus, we got interesting revelations and more mysteries than before, which is great. It was fantastic. I loved it all, and here’s hoping for more of this to come this season. A+ show, A+.

I have to ask though, what is up with the ratings? Not just SPN but with other shows, the statistics seem lower than they normally do. And with the exceptional ratings from last season you'd think it would be equally the same. Does anyone know? :/
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