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Drink up babydoll, you are in or out?

Oh Supernatural fandom, with the amount of butthurt comments and irrational arguments made with such hatred and idiocy, your wank this year is the most entertaining, amusing yet frightening and embarrassing all at the same time. Delicious wank is delicious, and I am enjoying the crazies going batshit and making themselves look foolish. Oh, when will fandom ever learn?

By the way, hello to all new friends! *waves*

Looks like it's going to be the year for Alice in Wonderland recreations, as the first will be Tim Burton's take in the upcoming film, which has been talked about nonstop, and the more intriguing SciFi Channel original miniseries Alice, which is a re-imagined modern version of the story. Created by those that made Tin Man, so it's bound to be awesome especially after watching the trailer. There's more though, since on IMDB there's also noting that Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll will also be out next year, and I don't know if there's movement on the American McGee's Alice movie at all. So yeah, next year is totally going to be a Lewis Carroll year, and I honestly am anticipating it actually. Though my favorite version would have to be Jan Švankmajer's Neco z Alenky. ibroketuesday was talking about freaky slightly traumatizing childhood movies, this could be considered one of those. Even though I didn't watch this when I was a kid, only discovered it a couple years ago, it certainly would've fit right up my alley back then.

Yes. I was a strange, strange child growing up. Probably explains my high tolerance for that kind of stuff now, especially horror films.

Speaking of, the new A Nightmare On Elm Street trailer is out, and GODDAMN IT LOOK GOOD! I'm a huge fan of Wes Craven's NOES movies (and by huge fan, I am completely addicted), but this is a re-imagining which I can deal with. While I still maintain that Robert Englund will always remain the best Freddy Kreuger, I can't wait to see how Jackie Earle Haley handles the role. Also? KATIE MOTHERFUCKING CASSIDY is in this, alongside Thomas Dekker. It is definitely a must-see for me. :D
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