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What if God was one of us?

My brain has been going on this tangents lately, and one of those tangents happens to be crossovers. Fandom crossovers, mainly with Supernatural. Paralleling and finding comparisons between my fandoms is something I do, as many already know (my SPN/BSG crack is still alive and kicking, jsyk), however most recently I've had new crossover ideas in mind, particularly since the last two episodes aired.

Since "Free To Be You And Me" and the introduction of the archangel Raphael, I was reminded of the Criminal Minds episodes "The Big Game" and "Revelations" of its second season, with a man who believed himself to be Raphael and was committing murder to cleanse the world of sinners:

Somehow plotbunnies ensued and I kept thinking about Raphael from SPN, and while Raphael in 5.03 seemed a bit sympathetic and you felt pity with the words he was saying regarding God and Heaven and only wanting Paradise, wouldn't it have been possible if Raphael had taken a human vessel prior to this encounter with Dean and Castiel? While yes, Criminal Minds doesn't exactly have that supernatural element, but again, crack!crossovers. I can definitely see our Raphael having possessed Hankel to do God's work, as ordered by say Zachariah or another superior in Heaven that doesn't really regard humanity as worthy, and such chaos occurs that Raphael leaves Hankel's body and returns to Heaven, allowing humanity to deal with its own mess before he is assigned to do something else.

Not sure where that one is going, but with crossovers that are crack anything it's possible. Plus, Raphael is one badass motherfucker and just hearing James van der Beek go from soft to hardcore in his tone and look, oh yeah. Definitely.

The second crossover is with Joan of Arcadia. Obviously, am I right?

This thought came into my head from "Good God, Y'All!" as Castiel reveals his mission to find God, saying that He isn't in Heaven but has to be somewhere. There are still many things I would like to add to my discussion previous about the presence of God in the SPN universe, however my mind is now on this crossover that I desperately want to see happen in fanfic, pronto. For anyone unfamiliar with Joan of Arcadia, the main character, Joan Girardi, is a teenage girl who communicates with God as He is shown as any person, anywhere at any time, in different kinds of physical appearances (going with its theme song lyrics of "what if God was one of us?") and is given tasks to perform.

From that, I can totally see Castiel going on his mission and finding himself in Joan's hometown and there is a conversation about where to find God and Joan is all "oh yeah, I just talked to Him a few days ago" or something like that. I think it would be rather funny and kinda sweet for that to happen, especially if Joan were to be given the task by God to reassure one of his most faithful soldiers that faith is not lost, that he will find his way to his true destiny. And rather unknowingly, too, that it wouldn't be like Castiel finally understood or even Joan, but it's something to guide him on his mission of sorts.

And hey, while I still want God to be purely metaphysical in Supernatural I kinda like the mythology shown in Joan of Arcadia and the main reasons of God's existence in the show and specifically why He cannot interfere. I think that, combined with SPN, if there is to be anything proven of God's existence, it should follow something along the lines of those. Just saying.

Like I said, my brain gets bombarded with plotbunnies that I can barely contain them to myself. Heh.
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