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Brennan does not like psychotherapy.

More Booth/Brennan cuteness via third season with the Couples Counseling videos (embedding was disabled, boo). It's odd that I only just found out about these, and being a Bones fan after all. Haha, I'm slow.

Know what I really want to see? I want to see more cute interactions between Dean and Castiel particularly in this manner, like the missing scenes from "Free To Be You And Me". I want outtakes of them being in the Impala together, perhaps with Dean listening to his music and Castiel questioning about it, looking absolutely puzzled. Or more of them going on their detective prowl with Castiel being so clueless as to human behavior, especially with staring too long and invading people's mainly Dean's personal space. Or, you know, some other cute things like them eating at a restaurant, or Dean trying to explain pop culture references while Castiel still remains clueless. They really should film those. I want it to be like webisodes of these things or something. It would be cute, with the quirkiness and Castiel being so adorable and Dean with his mental facepalming, it'd be fun.

I know, that's why there's fanfiction. But based on what we've seen of this season so far, it wouldn't be completely out of the realm of possibilities for it to happen. I mean, fanservice, hello. Kripke is all about it this season.
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