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Today is a day for badassery.

I'm anxiously waiting for a call back regarding a job interview that I might be having Friday. It's actually a good gig, the hours are good and so is the pay, so I'm crossing my fingers things go over smoothly. *crosses fingers and toes*

Am I the only one that's fed up with all this news surrounding Roman Polanski? The man drugged and raped a child, fled from the authorities and avoided his sentencing, it is so fucking obvious that the man is guilty. He admitted to it. Like, hello, complete no-brainer right there. But those defending Polanski are the ones that I am so pissed off at. Yes, it was thirty years ago that this happened, it still doesn't excuse what he did. It doesn't matter how famous he is or the masterwork he's done in regards to film or how much remorse he's been filled with or whatever else has been spewed over his defense. Rape is rape, and he has to suffer the consequences and take responsibility for his actions. Plain and simple.

In less angering news, happy Supernatural day! And Bones day, now that I'm all caught up I can finally watch it in real time. Awesome. :D

Also, brand new icon in promoting my activism to supporting Dollhouse. It's still mindboggling how low the ratings have been despite how utterly awesome this season is, and how it's going to be. But we won't get that amazingly awesomeness if the ratings continue to drop, because we know very well that FOX are all for the ratings and not so much with the quality + dedicated fanbase, which the Whedonverse definitely has a lot of. It's because of the fanbase, and not the ratings, that got it a second season. That should count for something, right?

Anyway, I'll be spreading my love/support for the show and YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT! FOR SERIOUS NOW.

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